Friday, October 4, 2019

The decline in United States power in the 1970s was illusory. Discuss Essay

The decline in United States power in the 1970s was illusory. Discuss - Essay Example presidency of Richard Nixon was shattered as evidence of insidious corruption cane to light and threatened to destroy the power of the once great office. The Cold War continued to drain resources away from other domestic programs, while the price of gasoline and inflation took an economic toll on the public. Still, the United States has been able to survive the onslaught of the problems of the 1970s. The period was marred by a world misperception of our nations vulnerabilities that contributed to an image of a weakened state around the world. World power is the elusive ability that some nations have to persuade countries to agree with their policy, even when it might not be in their own best interest. Power is a perceptual construct that is gained through respect and held by deference. Power can only be granted by a country or a leader that considers themselves a subordinate, and has respect sufficient enough to show deference to the world power. Note that legitimate power must be granted; it cannot be taken or seized. Jackson (2007) states that, "most of the time states cooperate with each other more or less routinely, and without much political drama, for mutual advantage" (p.26). In most situations, states are on par with each other as power is a secondary concern. Power is only gained by framing the world leader in terms of superior economic, military, and political might. These are the pillars that support the power structure and will continue to gain respect until the factors erode and the states no longer have a m otivation to cooperate. A downturn in the economy, a failed foreign war, and corruption in government can all reduce the perception of the power held by the United States. Wealth is a defining characteristic of a country that holds power and it gains the worlds respect from nearly all corners. Since the 17th century states and nations have drawn a significant part of their perceived power from their economic and financial prowess. The United

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