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Bracket International Case Study Essay

Case Review The company Bracket International has grown 78 million last year with a cost of goods sold of 61 million. Currently there are three locations in Ohio, Kentucky, and South Carolina. At the Ohio and Kentucky factories are automated flow shops and South Carolina factory focuses on small custom orders and is more of a batched process. However all three locations use a bar coding labels and scanning equipment to monitor and control the flow of material. Currently there are 8,850 items scanned per day at all three factories. The Bracket International employees work 2000 hours each year with a average salary of $5,000. A company is trying to explain why switching to a radio frequency identification device (RFID) system can save money. It will help the company to be on demand operational planning and control. The system could help speed of the process of workflow. Right now the average scan time per items is ten seconds. The ten seconds does not include the employee walking to each location to scan the bar code or replace any demanaged bar code tags. An average replacement of a tag can take as much as five minutes. To purchase a radio frequency identification device for all three locations will cost around $620,000 plus for the software programming and debugging another $480,000. There could be an error with the computer unable to read the scan and the company believes the items is lost or not recorded in the Bracket International system. This could be cost error on the equipment. This system could cut down on audits because it is a readily location inventory. Bracket International has lost a job averaging around two million per year from Wolf Furniture because they were not able to react quickly enough to change in job specification and order size. The Home Depot is expressing Bracket International needs to be more flexible and wants the radio frequency identification. The Home Depot is Bracket International number one supplier. Related Information to Text After reading about Technology and Operation Management section in our text book it give me an understanding of the different type of technology out there. According to the text they do speak about radio frequency identification and explains this technology is considered hard technology. Using technology can have a huge advantage for companies whether it be from productivity improvement from technology or cost savings from technology. Discussion Questions 1) Some advantages of radio frequency identification technology are simple to install or inject the body, human intervention is required to scan a barcode, where in most application a tag can be detected with hands off, have a long reading range, has read/write memory capability, and is able to scan without having to physically scanning (Advantages of RFID 2009). Some disadvantages are difficult to read if tag is in liquid because liquid reflect the radio waves, dead area and orientation problems, security concern, ghost tags, and high cost (RFID FAQ & Tutorial 2010). How do they compare to barcode scanner? There is no line of sight requirement, the tags can stand a harsh environment, long read range, portable database, multiple tag read/write and tracking people, item, and equipment (Pandey, K., 2010). 2) There are a few paybacks for the RFID. One of the payback could be reduce the amount of time it takes an employee to search and found the barcode take ten second while the RFID system is done in 2/100ths seconds. Another payback a RFID system does not having to redo labels that could take over five minutes. The company will be able to reduce inventory because the new system will be done in real time allowing supplier to see what needs to be restocked. All these things have a cost advantages to making the switch. 3) I think the short term would be to start doing research and getting an understanding of what it really takes an employee to do their job. Job shading would give a leader an true understanding of how long it will take to do thing. After the short term happens the long term would be doing the calculating to see if the cost advances to purchasing the equipment. If the company decides to move forward with purchasing the equipment they will need to get the employees to buy into this new equipment. Reference Advantages of RFID. (2009) Retrieve November 6, 2010, from Moscatiello, R. (2010) Advantages of RFID. Basic Concepts in RFID Technology. Pg. 1 Pandey, K., (2010) Advantages and Disadvantages of RFID Technologies. Retrieve November 6, 2010, from RFID FAQ & Tutorial (2010) Retrieve November 6, 2010, from

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Agamemnon and Achilleus Essay

‘Describe the characters of Agamemnon and Achilleus as they are revealed in Book 1 of The Iliad. Who do you think was more to blame for their quarrel and its immediate outcome?’  In book 1 of the Iliad the quarrel between Agamemnon and Achilles establishes their characters. We see Agamemnon and proud and authoritative yet often uncaring and uncompromising. Achilles is by contrast practical, powerful, yet deeply and sometimes dangerously passionate. Agamemnon is repeatedly unreasonable. When Chryses comes for his daughter (an entirely normal and natural request in the ancient world), Agamemnon does not listen, even though â€Å"all the other Achaians shouted their agreement†. He is rude and arrogant towards the priest and â€Å"sent him†¦ on his way†, with threats and taunts about Chryseis, who will â€Å"serve my bed†.  When Kalchas, who has repeatedly stated that Agamemnon will not like what he says blames Agamemnon for the plague among the Greeks, Agamemnon reacts vehemently. â€Å"in deep anger†¦ he spoke†¦ ‘prophet of evil, you have never told me anything to your liking†. It is this unreasonable and uncompromising attitude that contributes to his quarrel with Achilles. He persists with his demand for compensation for the loss of Chryseis, even after he has seen how much this angers Achilles.  Achilles however often displays a practical and compromising approach to problems. When the plague is ravaging the Greeks, it is Achilles who calls the assembly and takes the lead. When Agamemnon first demands compensation, Achilles simply states that there isn’t anything to give Agamemnon. He goes on to promise that â€Å"we will recompense you three and four times over if†¦ ever†¦ we†¦ sack Troy†. And when Agamemnon decides to take Briseis, Achilles holds back from attacking Agamemnon. Nor does he bear any grudge against the servants of Agamemnon who come to take Briseis. â€Å"It is not you I blame,† he says. Another aspect of Agamemnon’s character is his arrogance. He sees women as mere objects, describing Chryseis as â€Å"to serve my bed† and â€Å"work at the loom†, a girl who he prefers to his wife Klytaimestra. He is arrogant towards Chryses, a respected priest, and even to his fellow kings, Ajax and Odysseus, whose prizes he threatens to take. He arrogantly demands compensation, and never once apologises for taking Briseis. He is repeatedly insensitive towards Achilles’ anger and sense of injustice and deliberately takes Briseis, so that Achilles can see â€Å"how much I am your superior†.  Undoubtedly these attitudes fuel the disagreement between Agamemnon and Achilles. Agamemnon is a leader, and leaders are supposed to compromise and not abuse their power. The Greeks need Achilles, yet Agamemnon’s pride seems to overrule this. â€Å"Yes, run home, if that is what your heart urges† Achilles’ is extremely passionate and one of the more human of the Homeric heroes. He often expresses his emotion quite openly, â€Å"he threw the staff to the ground†, â€Å"broke into tears†. He launches savage verbal attacks of â€Å"stinging words† on Agamemnon, describing him as â€Å"dog-face† who â€Å"never has the courage† and â€Å"whose shamelessness is your very clothing†. Achilles anger is such that he stops fighting, leaving his fellow Greeks to the mercy of the Trojans, even though he is â€Å"yearning for battle†. Achilles is passionate about his rewards and has an almost egalitarian streak about him. â€Å"Your prize is by far the larger, when I have worn myself out in the fighting†, he says, â€Å"I have no mind to stay here reaping up treasures for you†. Achilles passion nearly leads him attacking Agamemnon, and his hand is only stayed by the intervention of a goddess. Nestor correctly identifies that Achilles feels that Briseis is his prize, not to be taken by anybody, and that Agamemnon feels that to back down would be to call his own authority into question. Yet the men respond quite differently to Nestor’s words. Agamemnon makes yet more savage accusations against Achilles claiming that he wants to â€Å"rule all, to dictate all† – when all he has wanted so far is to keep possession of what is his.  Achilles however responds quite reasonably. He backs down and decides â€Å"not to come to hand-fighting over the girl†, accepting that â€Å"you Achaians gave her, and you shall take her away† – which is exactly what wise Nestor had asked him to do – not to â€Å"seek open quarrel with the king†. Agamemnon must therefore be more to blame for the quarrel. He is leader of the Greeks. It is his duty to compromise and unify the Greeks. He never offers Achilles any form of compensation for the loss of Briseis. He ignores the wishes of his fellow Greeks and the wisdom of Nestor. Achilles may be impulsive sometimes, but it is the duty of a leader to control that impulsiveness.

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A Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Kansas with Academ Personal Statement

A Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Kansas with Academic Preference in Mathematics Intends to Get a Major in Statistics in the University of Kansas Module Personal ment Growing up, I wanted to pursue my education in the United s owing to the fact that it has the best institutions of learning and offers competitive career opportunities for graduates. I was born in China but moved to the U.S. to pursue my undergraduate degree. In the four years that I have lived in the country, I have learned a lot from the diverse population and on top of this, I recently graduated, with a bachelor of science degree in May 2014, from the University of Kansas. I majored in mathematics and minored in business. My academic preference has always been inclined towards the field of mathematics. This has given me a firm foundation for statistical and mathematical inquiry and equipped me with the skills and competencies that are needed to survive in a professional career in the same field. My job at Nantong Chengchang Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd. gave me a chance to experience the practical aspect of business. Additionally, it gave me diverse knowledge in various sectors including mathematics and statistics. I served as a teaching assistant at the University of Kansas, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. This experience taught me how to interact with people from various backgrounds. This experience also improved my public speaking capabilities. Through other work experience I have learned the value of leadership skills, customer services, and the significance of thoroughness and dependability. I have a wide range of core competencies that I have acquired over the years. I am flexible, meticulous and analytically minded and possess strong logical reasoning skills, all of which are important for the study of mathematics and statistics. I deal with challenges head-on and have excellent multitasking capabilities. I am a supportive team player and have demonstrated dedication and positive work ethics over the years. I am a fast learner and have excellent public speaking and excellent interpersonal communication, as throughout my stay in the United States I have interacted with individuals from different socio-cultural backgrounds. My bilingual competency is demonstrated through my fluency in English and native Chinese. I have an excellent understanding of MS Office including PowerPoint, Excel and Word. I am also highly skilled in C++ and STATA software. I am familiar with programming languages such as Java and Pascal. This is definitely an advantage in the study of statistics a nd mathematics. My academic qualifications are a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Business from the University of Kansas. My work experience at Nantong Chengchang Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd. was eye-opening and helped in developing requisite skills. In this company I productively took part in controlling various daily operations. I actively participated in streamlining the setting-up of a production and safety management technique. This resulted in improved efficiency in plant management. Additionally, I engaged in the formulation of two tender processes during the entity’s bid on two contracts with China International Marine Containers. The company, as a result, won one of the tenders. My experience as a teaching assistant at the University of Kansas, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Mathematics Department, taught me valuable lessons. I developed a plan that helped students achieve a better understanding of the course materials. The students recorded improved performance in their tests and assignments. I have excellent leadership skills since I served as an orientation volunteer in the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) in the university. I have won awards in the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) in 2003 (Second Prize), 2004 (Third Prize) and 2006 (Tenth Place). This demonstrates my spirit to compete and succeed in all that I do. To sum up, I am a highly motivated, dynamic and focused undergraduate with a passion for statistics and mathematics, database management, and strong research inquiry. I am also keen on details. I am enthusiastic and self-driven, and seek an opportunity to study in a healthy and supportive learning environment that fosters leadership skills and professional growth while encouraging development of the team spirit. I believe that my core competencies, educational background, work experience, and awards demonstrate why I am an appropriate candidate to pursue a major in statistics in the University of Kansas.

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Find out how large are the media industries in the U.S in terms of Essay

Find out how large are the media industries in the U.S in terms of last year's revenues and influence. What are the consequences of that for media culture - Essay Example Usually, the largest, most impressive grosses, are generated by high-budget A-Pictures, financed and/or released by the MPAA companies; however, such pictures do not always create the optimum rate of return, especially for net profit participants, who, unfortunately, only see profit participation in 5% of the pictures. The statistics of the movie industry in the United States also reveal that there had been an increase of almost 30% in the media markets in the span of the past ten years. According to a study conducted by Monitor Co., the movie and television industries contributed over $16 billion to the State of California's economy, directly employing 164,000 and indirectly employing another 184,000. The study also found that the vast majority of feature films and television programs are produced by independent producers. During the recent past, there has been a lot of transformation in the way media is reaching the audience. There has been a shift in the media in new forms like DVD and internet. This shift obviously has got an influence and also a strong cultural and social impact on the society.

Comapre And Contrast The Inner Coffin Of Tutankhamuns Sarcophagus With Essay

Comapre And Contrast The Inner Coffin Of Tutankhamuns Sarcophagus With Nike (Victory) Of Samothrace - Essay Example Furthermore, it talks about the techniques and speaking styles that existed and the differences between the styles and techniques. Then it concludes with brief summary of the two main topics. Introduction Tutankhamun’s inner coffin sarcophagus The Tutankhamun tomb always contained four gilded shrines that are nested inside each other to decrease their sizes. A quartzite red Sarcophagus was inside the shrine that protected the three anthropoid coffins shaped by a man. Gilded wood was used to make the first two coffins but the final one was made of solid gold. This solid gold coffin was used to house King Tut mummy and the fabulous golden death mask. On the other hand, sarcophagus is defined as the stone container that is used to house a coffin to the Egyptian mummy. Generally, the word sarcophagus was the name of the stone coffins which were not sunk underground2. It is also known as ‘possessor of life’ that related to their belief of afterlife and deceased were ev entually going to be reborn. Sarcophagus was mainly used as an external layer that protected the royal mummy of Tutankhamun body. It contained three netted layers of coffins which were anthropoid or man-shaped. Tutankhamun Sarcophagus was made of red quartzite; it is rectangular in shape measuring about nine feet high five feet wide and nine feet long. It is protected by a series of three gold Anthropoid coffins nested within each other. The Pharaoh Tutankhamun mummy was covered with a death mask. Each and every section of the king Tut web addresses all topics providing interesting information and facts about the Golden age pharaohs in Egypt. Nike victory of Samothrace In Greek mythology, Nike was the goddess of victory. Homers don’t personify Nike. It was discovered in 1863. It was created to both honors Nike the goddess and the sea battle. It usually conveys a sense of triumph and action. Moreover, it portrays artful drapery that flows through the futures which were conside red ideal to the Greeks. The Samothrace winged victory was also called the Nike of Samothrace, a third century marble sculptor, presumably originated from Rhodian. Despite its incompleteness and significant damage, victory was considered a great surviving sculpture masterpiece from Hellenistic period. This statue shows mastery form of movement that impresses artists and critics since its discovery3. According to the Greeks, their victory goddess (Nike) was a very beautiful lady endowed with wings. The exceptional monument rose upon Samothrace isle that was set in a niche which overlooked the great god’s sanctuary and celebrate sea success. Here, the goddess stands on prow of galley; it resisted the gusty storm while putting her right arm high. This was an ex-voto of the victory by Rhodians which was won at the 2nd century start. Compare and contrast Tutankhamun’s inner coffin sarcophagus against the Nike victory of Samothrace. Tutankhamun coffin consist of gilded shrin es nested one inside the other hence the innermost is covered with a stone sarcophagus while the Nike of Samothrace stood originally on the marble bow of a sculpted worship, a monument that commemorated a victory of naval. Inside the Tutankhamun, there are three coffins, the innermost being made of 110 kg of solid gold where Pharaoh body is being laid wearing the famous gold mask. However, Nike of Samothrace is designed in manner that seems as if she is landing a fierce headwind with her great wings still

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Referring to the 5 main problems of philosophy, show how each of the Essay

Referring to the 5 main problems of philosophy, show how each of the readings (Plato through Descartes.) - Essay Example Analysis of Knowledge The philosopher defined knowledge with level of doubt which is basically the contrast of certainity (Jerry 33). The philosopher Plato argues about mathematics denoting the logic. His work considerably influenced logic, linguistics, mathematics, set theory, and philosophy, particularly philosophy of language, metaphysics and epistemology. The true belief is already mobilized to resemble a modal logic and possibility of including world’s semantics. Epistemology has received greatest attention although it still lacks formal representation (Jerry 16). The concept of scientific inventions are currently dwelling much on metaphysics which is far much beyond human perception as the concern gets deeper relying on three main factors, for instance, God mind and soul, which are unique to an extent that man kind is not able to understand. Descartes embraces the principle deployed in order to be certain (doubtless). However, the philosopher acknowledge that everything within the earth shall be over and they an existing by their nature. This affirms that Descartes fears and recognized that God is Omni present. In metaphysics, and is determined to derive the ultimate reality in the existence between man, nature, mind and all matters that ad related to ultimate reality personal view on Meta physics (Jerry 19). Despite the human perception on God’s creation, people do think that they have the ability to let God’s work change. This is totally a perception which still requires a lot of argument both physically and through the bible to determine the reasons ass to why man in working with perception instead of ajusti9ng to the requirements. The religion philosopher clearly indicates that our God is not far from Earth, his prayers for many (Jerry 23). Ethically, the slave trade that erupted in the USA, which lead to death of thousands

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Sustainable Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Sustainable Management - Essay Example The per capita income for this county was low than average per capita income of U.S.A, and this company’s introduction was great news to them. Its establishment in this area would see a vast population benefiting from it through employment thus, boosting the county’s economy to another level that is better than the current one. Despite the above mentioned benefit, there are a number of obstacles that come along with this company’s establishment. Beaufort town is internationally famous for a variety of issues such as the famous Hilton Head resort. This hotel attracts many vacationers from all over the world who travel every year just to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. It is with this reason that the Management of Hilton Head got worried about the disaster that BASF as a chemical production company would cause to the environment that they depended much on for their livelihood. The existence of this chemical plant meant that air and water would be polluted because it had no plan for constructing its own dumping site or even recycling the waste products. This situation was disastrous for this resort because it would prevent millions of vacationers from traveling to this region. It is true that this was a typical situation that had arrived in front of the department of Beaufort and the people of this county (Fisher and Lovell 2006. As a chemical plant, lots of employment would be available for the people of this town and its per capita income would also rise. But the issue about pollution needed to be sorted out in order for these two companies to trade fairly because the whole situation comes under the moral and ethics of business in an environment. Many governments across the world have shown much concern on issues regarding environmental pollution. Apart from governments, NGOs are also taking part on the fight against environmental pollution which has consumed lives and interfered with the agricultural sectors. Pollution has

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Economics Issues Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Economics Issues - Coursework Example Consumers play a key role in perpetuating discrimination in the labor market through their choices and consumption patterns. If consumers prefer one commodity over another, they will lower demand in that labor market in which they do not prefer their goods.  Consumers play a key role in perpetuating discrimination in the labor market through their choices and consumption patterns. If consumers prefer one commodity over another, they will lower demand in that labor market in which they do not prefer their goods.  The law of diminishing marginal utility states that as consumption of a given commodity is increased by an individual while keeping the consumption of other products constant, there will be a decline in the marginal utility of the individual that is derived from the consumption of each and every additional unit of the product. The law of diminishing marginal utility does not contract the notion that individuals always want more of all goods because they are limited by the ir budget constraint hence they cannot acquire all that they want at any given instance.  Properties of indifference curves(a) NonintersectionIndifference curves cannot intersect each other because, at the point of tangency, the curve on the higher side will yield much more of the two commodities as compared to the lower curve hence they can never intersect.  (b) Convexity to the origin(c) The higher the indifference curve, the higher the level of satisfaction. The consumers will prefer to choose higher indifference curves since they aim at maximizing their utility.  (d) Negatively sloping. The indifference curves are negatively sloping because the consumer must give up the consumption of one commodity in order to consume more of the other commodity.  

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Security breaches and incident handling in organization Research Proposal

Security breaches and incident handling in organization - Research Proposal Example nctions Interest of management to gain control for the security of business functions along with cost These three factors need to be handled to provide better security. In order to tackle all three factors, Christian Fruhwirth, recommended an event based intrusion detection system in 2008. The system will support these three factors by (, SWBC - Thesis: Improving security incident management in multination IT service providers - Software Business Community): Advanced tools incorporated with IDS to detect intrusions and eliminate attacks Standardized frameworks to handle legal compliance Efficient security management application tools to handle the management. Moreover, an article was published related to compromise recovery and incident handling. The article highlighted mishaps from concerned security administrators for installing default programs from a compact disc. These stored programs on a compact disc facilitates hackers to breach security by storing porn contents, configuring an illegal server, initiating attacks on other information assets and breaching server on the network. In order to eliminate all these threats and vulnerabilities, reviewing and learning the functionality of threats is essential. This will certainly reduce the probability of security incident in organizations (Compromise Recovery and Incident Handling. 2003). One more research was conducted related to a Proposed Integrated Framework for Coordinating Computer Security Incident Response Team. Conventionally, computer security incident response teams (CSIRT) are responsive for viruses, hacking and unauthorized access of employees. The CSIRT is defined as â€Å"Computer security incident response team (CSIRT) is a term used by the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/ CC) to describe a service... This will certainly reduce the probability of security incident in organizations (Compromise Recovery and Incident Handling. 2003). One more research was conducted related to a Proposed Integrated Framework for Coordinating Computer Security Incident Response Team. Conventionally, computer security incident response teams (CSIRT) are responsive for viruses, hacking and unauthorized access of employees. The CSIRT is defined as â€Å"Computer security incident response team (CSIRT) is a term used by the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/ CC) to describe a service organization that responds to computer security incidents† (Computer Security Incident Response Team. 2007). The research transformed these teams in to efficient tools that will maintain efficiency of business operations, compliance along with new regulations and homeland security. Those organization possessing incident response teams follows a systematic approach and steps to recover the system efficiently from any securi ty breach or incident. Moreover, the existence of teams, eliminates loss or information theft and service disruption. Furthermore, the information gained by detecting and resolving an incident, facilitates support teams to be more efficient for handling future incidents (, Central Washington University - Networks: Incident Handling).Likewise, these teams are called security incident response teams (SIRT). They are triggered when a security breach shows its existence within the network of an organization. However, these teams conduct investigation of suspect workstations and servers.

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Case Study 3 - TechSoup Global and NetSquared Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

3 - TechSoup Global and NetSquared - Case Study Example According to Greenberg (2009) NPOs particularly benefit from social media as compared to traditional communication methods mainly because communication via social media brings prospects for the organization costs getting lowered along with the lowering of cost of delivering services. Also the idea of being a part of the emergence of new social patters is highly promising for the Non Profit Organizations as compared to association with the conventional traditional communication means. Merilainen (2011) narrates that since the main aim of NPOs and NGOs is to make their point of views prevalent into the public and to political agendas communication is extremely essential for them. The main aim is to involve public opinion into their proposed changes and thoughts and gain favor from the masses. This purpose is served without the involvement of any finances via social media. The propagation via social media is also thought to get more responses since people can affirm their opinions and s upport free of cost and they do not have to physically get involved in the scenario. This flexibility of use promotes the involvement of public. ... Social networks are forums where all kinds of individuals and organizations make the impression of their virtual entity. Entertainment personnel and politicians make use of the popularity and widespread reach of the Social Networks and social media. They are usually active on these communication mediums and can therefore be reached very easily via it. Common public is also one of the potential audiences that the NPOs would try to reach. The promoting of their causes would be done well if the support of the common masses is with them. Regarding the potential means of accessing NPO audiences via Social Networks and Social Media Lassila (2010) mentions that Social Network Services incorporate viral marketing as one of their main marketing strategies. It is via viral marketing only that Non Profit Organizations are enabled to reach massive number of audiences. The author quotes the example of American Red Cross who incorporated the SNS viral marketing strategy and spread their messages t o their audiences via their celebrity followers on twitter. Inside's author Smith advises the NPO's marketers that the trusted referrals within social media are the most powerful marketing message. Via viral marketing available in Social Media NGOs and NPOs can segment their target audience groups based on persons' interests. This way the audience feel the messages of the NPOs to be more personalized and get inclined towards them. Via the viral messaging to all kinds of audiences on social media the NGOs can also tell about their donation possibilities (Regan, 2011). One advantage of this strategy is that personal presentations of the NPOs get enhanced as a result of it

Land Law Essay Example for Free

Land Law Essay Some of the essential requirements of easements are the presence of a dominant and a servient tenement. In general, dominant tenements are estates that are either fee simple or leasehold; moreover, easements cannot exist in gross or in the absence of a dominant tenement. Further, it is essential for an easement to bestow on the dominant tenement either a benefit or some form of accommodation. This makes it mandatory for the accrual of a tangible benefit to the dominant tenement. Consequently, the easement should make it possible for the dominant owner to utilize the dominant tenement to a greater extent and the benefit conferred must pertain to land. In addition, the dominant and servient tenements should be sufficiently proximate to each other. Moreover, the owner or occupant of the dominant and servient tenements should be different persons. Furthermore, such easement should be eligible to be made the subject matter of a grant by deed. Such a requirement further entails that the granted right is unambiguous, capable of adequately precise definition. In addition, such subject matter should be in concord with the nature of the easement, which in other words, connotes that the easement does not permit exclusive and unrestricted use of the land . Furthermore, the grantee must be competent, and not some indefinite entity. Such a grantee should possess an interest in the dominant tenement at the time of the grant. Moreover, a grantor who is competent to grant such a right should exist and while making the grant, the servient owner should possess an interest in the concerned tenement that is equal to or greater than the interest that devolves from the tenement. There are a few interests that exist in respect of the land bestowed on a land owner, which are conceded by the courts. In one important case, Hill v. Tupper , Pollack C B stated that â€Å"A new species of incorporeal hereditament cannot be created at the will and pleasure of the owner of property; but he must be content to accept the estate and the right to dispose of it subject to the law as settled by decisions or controlled by Act of Parliament† . Moreover, an easement should accommodate the dominant tenement. The right of easement provides a personal advantage; that is related to the land owned by that party. This right enhances the advantage of its enjoyment . There are four components that govern easement in order to accommodate dominant tenement. First, the right to easement requires an improvement in the position of the dominant tenement into an enhanced and convenient property instead of converting it into a personal advantage of the dominant owner. Second, the dominant and servient tenements need to be located proximally so that the easement provides a potential benefit to the dominant tenement. For instance, a track used for carts, which caters to the needs of the farmer and accommodates the farming activities of the farmer, could be located far away from the farm. Third, the users should be disconnected and fourth, there should not be any personal advantage. This had been established in the aforementioned case of Hill v Tupper, in which the owner of a canal leased the banks of the canal and the right to operate boats on the canal to the defendants. In this case the court held that the claimant had a personal interest and thus was precluded from defending against third party actions . Not every right that is granted in respect of land constitutes an easement. For instance, if one person gives another the right to cross his land, which is located at an appreciable distance from the other person’s land, then such a right is not an easement. This was clearly established in the Hill v. Tupper case, wherein the Basingstoke Canal owners extended exclusive rights to the plaintiff to hire boats that would be used for recreational purposes. This business of the plaintiff was jeopardized by the defendant who commenced to compete with him . Instead of filing a breach of contract against the owners of the Basingstoke Canal, the plaintiff, filed a case against the defendant pleading that the defendant was liable in nuisance to him. The Court of the Exchequer, which was hearing this case, expressed its lack of competency to generate, rights that were unrelated to the enjoyment of land and appropriate them to the land with the objective of forming a property in the grantee. However, the plaintiff did possess property that adjoined it . The reason for such a decision can be construed to be that the court was disinclined to permit a commercial benefit to be construed as an easement. This tendency of the courts is clearly established in the case of Moody v. Steggles. In this case an advertisement of a public house was displayed in the defendant’s adjoining land. The court held that the right under dispute pertained to the plaintiff’s business and therefore was unconnected to the right of easement. Thus the easement and the manner in which the land had been occupied were intimately connected . The court decided in the case of London and Blenheim Estates V Ladbrokeretail Parks that a tenement that was dominant had to be adequately identified as such and that it must be sufficiently described so as to render the easement binding on the servient tenement. The appellate court held that it was inadequate to merely grant the right to nominate unspecified land as constituting a dominant tenement in respect of an easement, in order to generate an interest in the land that would serve to bind successors in title to the servient tenement . It is essential for different persons to possess dominant and servient tenements, because an easement constitutes a right over somebody else’s property. Pollock CB, made the distinction between proprietary and personal rights, crystal clear when he opined that ‘A grantor may bind himself by covenant to allow any right he pleases over his property, but he cannot annex to it a new incident, so as to enable the grantee to sue in his own name for an infringement of such a limited right as that now claimed. The sum and substance of this statement is that a number of rights can be created that are governed by contract. Further, it is permissible for a leasehold tenant or a fee simple owner to grant easements. However, a tenant can do so only during the pendency of the lease. If these requirements are not fulfilled, then there is no easement, despite the possible existence of a restrictive covenant, license or lease. With the case of Hill v. Tupper it became evident that an easement must accommodate the dominant tenement. For an easement to be valid, it has to necessarily bestow some benefit on the land, rather than on the owner. In the Hill case the servient tenement was a waterway and lease granted to the claimant was in respect of some land that adjoined this canal. In addition, the claimant was exclusively permitted to make available pleasure luxury boats on this canal. The court however, held that the conduct of business on the servient tenement was insufficient to bestow an easement on the claimant and that it constituted nothing more than a license. Moreover, the court held that the claimant was making a blatant claim to ensure a commercial monopoly. Furthermore, the court decided that no easement could specify the exclusive use of a servient tenement in order to exclude other reasonable users . In Dyce v. Hay there was a claim that all the Queens subjects had the right to go at all times upon the†¦appellants property†¦for the purpose of recreation. It was held that There can be no prescriptive right in the nature of a servitude or easement so large as to preclude the ordinary uses of property by the owner of the lands affected . As per Lord St. Leonards, the class of servitudes and easements should change and widen in their applicability in accordance with the changes in society and the human condition . This opinion has to be interpreted, while bearing in the mind the maxim that English law does accord, with the exception of statute, recognition to an easement in its entirety. In other words easement should be restrictive. The judgment in the Dyce case makes it very clear that the judiciary was not disposed to expanding the category of easement in order to include rights that had not been recognized by the extant statute. In general some rights are not recognized by the courts as easements. These are a right to a view; a general right to loiter on some other person’s property and a right to shelter oneself from the elements with the help of neighbouring buildings. However, it was clearly demonstrated in the Dyce case that such a list of rights is not conclusive and could be expanded if so required. Although, the list of rights that could be construed to be easements cannot be enumerated, nevertheless, such rights should be similar to those rights that have been accorded the status of easements by law. However, the courts have been reluctant to permit new rights to be accorded the status of easements.

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Problem Cell Phones Essay Example for Free

Problem Cell Phones Essay A mobile phone (also known as a cellular phone, cell phone, and a hand phone) is a device that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area. It does so by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. By contrast, a cordless telephone is used only within the short range of a single, private base station. In addition to telephony, modern mobile phones also support a wide variety of other services such as text messaging, MMS, email, Internet access, short-range wireless communications (infrared, Bluetooth), business applications, gaming and photography. Mobile phones that offer these and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones. Disadvantages Advantages of Cell phone According to : http://vidyaprakash. expertscolumn. com/article/disadvantages-cell-phones Cell phone is playing an important role in this modern world. It is very hard to see a person without a mobile phone. Even a little kid have the ability to access the cell phone fluently without any problem. Kids are very much interested in playing games in mobile phone and spending a lot of time with it. As we know too much of cell phone usage is not good for us and it will give some unwanted health issues. Cell phone will create some unwanted radiation which is not good for our brain. A person who is using cell for a long time will surely get health issues due to it. We must control our cell activities. Avoid using it for a long time and use it whenever necessary. Listening music using the ear phone is the new trend of the youngsters and most of the persons are interested in listening music with their hands free while riding their two wheeler. Really it is a dangerous thing which causes a lot of unwanted accidents. Most of the two wheeler accidents are happened due to this activity. Now we are living a fast life and dont have enough time to meet our friends and family members. Simply we make a call to them and ask about their updates. Previously people will meet their friends and beloved persons directly and ask about their present status, but now it is easy to communicate with anyone using the phone and most of the persons are converted to this trend it reduce the get together and social reunions a lot. Students will get diversion with cell phones, they are spending a lot of time with cell phone chatting and browsing online through their smart phone and reduce their studying activity. Most of the students are turned as cell phone and online addicts which is a great disadvantage. There is nothing wrong in using cell phone, we must use it in a limited manner to avoid unwanted issues due to it. Statement of the problem Cell phones have recently become an asset to society. Because of this, many of the negatives to cell phone ownership have been overlooked. Just a few of these problems are : Increases the likelihood of traffic accidents Increases the risk of brain cancer Scope and Limitations The research that I will conduct is only limited to students, particularly 4th year – Springtime batch 2013-2014 II. Review of related Literatures This section presents a summary of previous research materials. Information found within this section is all found in the web and journals. Cell phones do more harm than good According to: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Mobile_phone A hand-held mobile radiotelephone is an old dream of radio engineering. Arthur C. Clarke in a 1959 essay, where he envisioned a personal transceiver, so small and compact that every man carries one. He wrote: the time will come when we will be able to call a person anywhere on Earth merely by dialing a number. Such a device would also, in Clarkes vision, include means for global positioning so that no one need ever again be lost. Later, in Profiles of the Future, he predicted the advent of such a device taking place in the mid-1980s The most commonly used data application on mobile phones is SMS text messaging. The first SMS text message was sent from a computer to a mobile phone in 1992 in the UK, while the first person-to-person SMS from phone to phone was sent in Finland in 1993. Mobile phones are used for a variety of purposes, including keeping in touch with family members, conducting business, and having access to a telephone in the event of an emergency. Some people carry more than one cell phone for different purposes, such as for business and personal use. Multiple SIM cards may also be used to take advantage of the benefits of different calling plans—a particular plan might provide cheaper local calls, long-distance calls, international calls, or roaming. The most advantage of having mobile phone is you can communicate with your family, and friends no matter where you are. Cell phones also have applications for listening to music, playing games, and surfing the net. Besides that, there are lots of disadvantages. Using mobile phones can harm our brains, especially for those who are under the age of sixteen. Excessive use of mobile phones has been accused of causing dizziness, and â€Å"radiations emitted from the phone are harmful for the eardrum†, say many scientists. In addition, when we use mobile phones while driving it causes unwanted accidents. Negative effects of cell phones on our brain Radiation from mobile phones may cause brain tissue damage, a two-year study has found. Scientists discovered that emissions from handsets affect the delicate make-up of cells in blood vessels, and could be a health hazard to regular users of the UKs 50million mobile phones. The radiation might disable a safety barrier in the body which protects the brain from harmful substances in the blood, they believe. It is the first time scientists have used cells from human blood vessels rather than rats, bringing researchers closer to the truth about long-term mobile phone use. Despite the millions spent on research in the last decade, the health implications of sustained use are still unclear. The biggest British study, led by Sir William Stewart, found two years ago that there was no evidence of a risk to health. A study published last year by the American National Cancer Institute also could not find a link between increased risk of brain cancer and mobile use. III. Research Methodology Research Design Name: Age: Sex: 1. How often do you use your cell phone ? 2. Do you know that using cell phone too much causes unwanted damages to the brain ? If yes. Do you believe that children below 10 years of age shouldn’t use cell phones ? 3. Is it really necessary for a person to have a cell phone ? Explain. 4. Is cell phone a disadvantage or advantage to your life ? Explain. Data Gathering Procedure The researcher will randomly ask ten (10 ) representatives out of the 37 students in the 4th year. A questionnaire was prepared by the researcher that will be used as a reference. The survey was conducted through the net. IV. Analysis and Interpretation of Data This chapter presents the findings, analysis and interpretation of data gathered by the researcher whose main objective is to find out the different perspectives of people and to find out what kind of damage our cell phone will do to our brain and also to state some advantages of it. Through my research I’ve found out that many scientist have and will conduct research about the radiation that we can get from cell phones. Mostly scientist from America conducts these kinds of researches. I also found out that the radiation of the cell phone emits is dangerous to all of us. Especially those who are 16 years of age and below. I also found out that there is not enough proof that cell phones can really damage our brain. Someone said that it is early for us to conclude that cell phones are bad for our health. Because even scientists can’t really find the right answer to our questions. A scientist said that we don’t know what will be the impact of the radiation of the cell phone emits will do to us if we still use it for the next 10 or even 20 years. He also said that that is the reason why we need to conduct more studies. According to my survey 9 out of 10 said that they always use their cell phones. 9 out 10 said that they know that using cell phone too much causes unwanted damages to the brain. 10 out of 10 said that having cell phone is necessary because it’s time for us to upgrade and use the cell phone to communicate and because it is easier to do, it also takes less of our time if we use our cell phones as I have said in my introduction cell phones are wireless, we can use them anywhere. 5 out of 10 said that cell phones are advantages to their lives. Because it makes almost everything easy. 1 out of 10 said that it is a disadvantage because is makes us lazy. 4 out of 10 said that they pick advantage and disadvantage.

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Differentiate Between Stress And Strain Engineering Essay

Differentiate Between Stress And Strain Engineering Essay When stretching a material, the length changes and the strain become positive. More strain means that more stress to the object once compress. When the material is compressed, the length changes and strain becomes negative. This obeys to the law of the stresses where go together with these strains, tensile stresses being positive and compressive stresses negative. Figure above shows the relationship between stress and stain as the stress is directly proportional to strain. There is a relationship where the force applied and the object changing in physical shape. It has revealed that the elastic behavior can be defined thru some relations with the form that the physical state changes is small in related to the original. This relationship can defined as Hookes Law ( F = -kx) Question 2 Pyrometer is used for measuring temperature. Discuss in details four principal techniques for the measurement of temperature. State the typical applications of different types of pyrometers A pyrometer used to measures heat from an object which has visible in bright or radiant. Pyrometers consider as thermometers where scientists use it to define the heat and heat type given out from an object. The critical variation between a pyrometer and other types of thermometers is the radiant levels on or after the heated objects are typically far too hot for interaction. That is why pyrometers have visual scanners that measure the heat. Four principal techniques for measurement of temperature. IR Pyrometers for Surface Temperatures The spectrum lies at wavelengths longer than light however shorter than microwaves or measuring system. IR pyrometers usually operate with wavelengths from two to twenty microns, reckoning on the material being measured. Plancks law states that the emissive power of a black body contains a spectral distribution reliant on the body temperature. This can be a well-known matter, thus there are numerous strategies to avoid this matter with variable target emissivity. IR Gas Temperature Pyrometers IR pyrometer functional at a wavelength consistent to the combustion emitted products, such as CO2 gas radiation (at 4.26 or 4.5 microns) can measure average gas temperature. This method needs gas to be combusted, meanwhile air not having a sturdy IR emission peaks. All fossil fuels produce CO2 after when it burnt, so this method is appropriate to oil and propane fired furnaces, but not for electrically heated furnaces. The temperature of the gas stately is the radiation temperature of the CO2 gases in the field of view of the lens, so choice of lens and placement is significant. 2 IR pyrometers must be located on opposite sides of the furnace to portion this temperature inhomogeneity. Whatever that blocks the assessment of the lens (as soot or dust), air penetration (less CO2 to measure temperatures) or huge differences in gas temperature with time can create the average temperature signal too strident to use straight in a control system. ACOUSTIC PYROMETERS Acoustic pyrometers is a method where used to measure the temperature of gases created on the temperature reliance of the speed of sound. The speed of sound diverges through the square root of the total gas temperature. This method stretches an average temperature completed an identified path length if the gas composition is identified and continuous. Guileless acoustical pyrometry uses the time of flight statistics for the leading wave front to reach the receiver. This is suitable on behalf of an average gas temperature for one path. The wavelengths may exist to be enormous, for instance, presumptuous a sound velocity of 880 m/s at a frequency of 500 Hz stretches a wavelength of 1.8 m. Ruptures of air can remain the basis of sound, giving an informal to connect, low-maintenance instrument. Numerous paths can be selected, which can be examined to provide 2D isothermal maps of furnace temperature problematic to crop by other resources for gas temperatures of 1650Â °C. Advantages of a coustical pyrometry embrace modest and rough equipment for industrial environments, numerous paths subsequently a single transmitter for a least amount of holes in the furnace walls for 2D temperature mapping, low operating costs and proven technology. Suction pyrometers Suction pyrometers are a method where suction is used to appeal the hot combustion gases past a thermocouple at a great velocity to decrease the fault in gas temperature measurements. Radiation shields reduce the thermal effects of radiation. Suction pyrometers are still the best industrial apparatuses for measuring combustion gas temperatures, for instance, they are used for impermanent gas temperature measurements at a specific position or for calibration of other temperature measurement apparatus. The micro suction pyrometer has been established to evade countless of the disadvantages of the suction pyrometer. Main disadvantages with micro suction pyrometers comprise their lesser accurateness and additional brittle construction comparative to conservative suction pyrometers. Types of pyrometers Broadband Pyrometer The broadband pyrometer is used to record the broadband wavelengths of radiation, typically about 0.3 microns. However furthermost repeatedly used, they can have big mistakes in readings. Subsequently they are merely registering a minor quantity of an object heat. Everything from water vapor to dust can produce a reading error. Optical Pyrometers An optical pyrometer let a scientist to observe heat though all pyrometers are optical in the sense they can recite an objects heat from a distance. An optical pyrometer is used to measures the heat infrared wavelengths and straight displays the manipulator the object heat distribution. Additional pyrometers typically have a screen to shows the results of an optical scan. An optical pyrometer can act lie a telescope where the scientists can look over a lens and see the infrared wavelengths of an object. Optical pyrometers are one of the oldest pyrometer types and are able to see the wavelength levels up to 0.65 microns. Radiation Pyrometer A radiation pyrometer is used to determine pure radiation wavelengths. The device contains an optical scanner that can perceive 0.7 to 20 microns on the range of wavelength, the overall range for radioactive heat. The optical scanner lightens the burden of scientists in measuring the radiation levels without putting the pyrometer up to the object, where it can endanger the person in charge to expose to radiation. Question 3 Draw the functional block diagram of Electrocardiography (ECG) machines and explain each in details. From the functional block diagram, answer the following: 1. What (electrically) is being measured? 2. How is the electrical signal capture? What is the sensor? How does it work? Draw a complete circuit to represent the functional block diagram What is ECG? An electrocardiogram or ECG is used to measure and analyzed electrical recording of the heart and even used to investigate heart disease. British physiologist Augustus D. Waller is the creator of electrocardiography and published the first human electrocardiogram in the year 1887. Dutch physiologist Willem Einthoven, who transformed this inquisitive physiologic phenomenon into a crucial clinical recording device, was awarded a Nobel prize in medicine. Block diagram of ECG When the heart depolarizes, its suitable (and quite precise) to denote the electrical activity as a dipole which a vector between two point charges. A vector has both a size (magnitude), and a direction. The potential diverges around the volume conductor. This applies to all intra-cardiac events, so the vector (or axis) for P waves, the QRS complex, T waves, and so on. The electrocardiogram, or ECG is a surface measurement of the electrical potential produced by electrical action in cardiac tissue. Current flow in ion form and signals shrinkage of cardiac muscle fibers foremost to the hearts pumping activity. The human heart can also be considered as a large muscle where the beating is just contraction of muscles. Consequently contractions of the heart create a potential. The measurement of the potential created by cardiac muscle is called as electrocardiology. Types of electric is being measured a) Bipolar leads: The position point located on one limb, the `sensing electrode can be on another limb. The leads are mark as I, II, and III. b) Unipolar leads: The position point located in some leads that joined together, and the sensing lead is located on one limb. These leads are predictably increased, in that the position lead on the limb sensed is disconnected from the other two. c) The V leads : The position where lengthen across the precordium, V1 in the fourth right interspace, V2 4th left, V4 at the apex (5th interspace, midclavicular line), V3 halfway in between V2 and V4, and V5 V6 in the 5th interspace at the anterior and mid axillary lines correspondingly. These electrode leads are usually connected to potential differences devices between selected electrodes to create the specific ECG tracings. Majority of the ECG leads are bipolar leads (e.g., standard limb leads) that apply a single positive and a single negative electrode amongst which electrical potentials are measured. Unipolar leads (augmented leads and chest leads) consist os single positive recording electrode and apply a blend of the other electrodes to assist as a merged negative electrode. Typically, once an ECG is recorded, all leads are recorded instantaneously, normally called as 12-lead ECG. How is the electrical signal capture? What is the sensor? How does it work? Cardiac electrical potential wave forms (voltages created through the heart as its chambers contract) are measured by the PASCO CI-6539A EKG (Electrocardiogram) Sensor. The sensor contains of the electronics box by a cable for connecting to the PASCO computer interface through a five pin DIN analog connector. 3 electrode leads pass in the electronics box on the side opposite the cable that assigns to the interface. The sensor signal is conveyed from side to side an opto-isloation circuit. An isolation transformer is used to transfer the sensors power. Question 5 Explain in detail idea of industrial voltage to frequency converters and frequency to voltage converters using an operational amplifier. Voltage to frequency converter The voltage-to-frequency converter is a converter which delivers an output frequency precisely relative to its input voltage. The digital open-collector frequency output is well-matched through all mutual logic families. Its adding input features give the VFC32 outstanding noise resistance and small nonlinearity. Complete output frequency is determined by an exterior capacitor and resistor. Open-collector logic output is gain from the frequency output terminal. A pull-up resistor is typically connected to a 5V logic supply to generate normal logic-level pulses. Though, it connected to some power supply (+VCC). Production pulses obligate a continuous period and positive-going throughout the oneshot period. Current flowing in the open-collector output transistor proceeds by the common terminal. The terminal must be linked to logic ground. Frequency to voltage conversion The capacitive-coupled response network C3, R6 and R7 let typical 5V logic levels to activate the comparator input. The comparator causes the one-shot on the dropping control of the frequency input pulses. Beginning voltage of the comparator is about -0.7V. 5V logic levels having less waveform for frequency input, the comparator is activated by regulating the voltage divider of R6/R7 to a lower voltage. C2 smoothens the output voltage waveform. Greater values of C2 decrease the wrinkle in the output voltage. Lesser values of C2 let the output voltage to resolve quicker in response to a modification in input frequency. Resistor R1 can be pared to attain the preferred output voltage at the complete input frequency. The signal response current is equivalent to VIN/R1. This current is combined by response op amp and C2, creating a descending ramping integrator output voltage. Once the integrator output slopes to the verge of the comparator, the one-shot is activated. The 1mA reference cu rrent is swapped to the integrator input throughout the one-shot length, producing the integrator production ramp rising. Subsequently the one-shot period, the integrator again ramps descending. The fluctuation procedure forces a long-term stability of charge (or average current) between the input signal current and the reference current. Question 6 Describe the purpose and basic operation principle of differential pressure flow meters. Differentiate between orifice plate, venturi, nozzle and pitot tube. Differential pressure flow meters It is the control of fluid flow rate by interpretation the pressure loss thru a pipe restriction is possibly the greatest where usually used flow measurement method in industrialized uses (Figure 2-1). The descent of pressure created by a extensive variability of geometrical restrictions have been well considered over the years. These primary or head flow elements originate in a extensive diversity of configurations, all with exact application assets and flaws. Differences on the refrain of differential pressure (d/p) flow measurement Orifice plates In clean liquid, gas, and steam service, orifice plates are generally used. It is obtainable for entirely pipe sizes, very economical for gauging flows in bigger pipes (over 6 diameter). Numerous standards organizations permitted the orifice plates as is used for the supervision the transfer of liquids and gases. The orifice flow calculations used today still fluctuate from each other, though the numerous standards organizations are operational to accept a solitary, generally accepted orifice flow calculation. User can select the flow equation thru orifice sizing program. Even though it is a modest device, the orifice plate can be considered as a precision instrument. Orifice plates are fairly sensitive to a change of error-inducing situations. Precision in the drag controls, the excellence of the connection, and the state of the plate itself regulate the routine. Installation influences embrace tap position and state, form of the process pipe, capability of straight pipe innings, ga sket intrusion, misalignment of pipe and orifice drags, and lead line design. Other adverse conditions comprise the corrosion or erosion of the pipes, dirt, and grease or secondary phase deposits on either orifice surface. Venture tube The venturi tubes is quite expensive, so they are mainly used for greater flows or on further tough or difficult flow applications. Venturis are not sensitive to velocity outline properties and consequently need fewer straight pipe run than an orifice. The character of scrubbing act of the flow through the tube creates the device resistant to corrosion, erosion, and interior scale build up. Due to high initial cost, the owner still is promising as the savings in fitting and functioning and maintenance costs. Flow element is long which considered by a narrowing inlet and a deviating outlet. The entrance is used to determine the inlet pressure, while the throat section is to measure the static pressure. The pressure taps nourish into a joint annular chamber, as long as an average pressure analysis over the whole perimeter of the element. The venturi is partial in its use to clean, non-corrosive liquids and gases. The great instability and the absence of holes in which material can gath er create flow tubes well suitable for slurry and mud services. But, maintenance costs can be high if air removal cant stop persisting of the pressure taps and lead lines. Plunger-like devices (vent cleaners) can be connected to occasionally eliminate accumulation from interior openings, even though the meter is online. Flow nozzle The flow nozzle can be said it is more stable than the orifice plate, mainly in greater or higher temperature and higher velocity services as compared to orifice plates. It used to determine high flow rates of superheated vapor. The flow nozzle also having a better flow capacity than the orifice plate and needs a lesser first investment than a venturi tube, but also delivers lesser pressure recovery. A main disadvantage of the nozzle is that it is harder to change than the orifice except it can be detached as part of a spool unit. Flow nozzles preserve their accuracy for long periods, even in tough service. Flow nozzles can be very accurate way to determine gas flows. As soon as the gas velocity influences the speed of sound in the throat, the velocity cant surge any more and a overcome flow condition is extended. Pitot Tubes Pitot tube is one of the simple in design flow sensors where it is used to measure varied range of flow measurement applications. Normally, it is used in air speed in racing cars and air force fighter jets. Pitot tubes also used to analyze air flow in pipes, ducts, and stacks, and liquid flow in pipes, weirs, and open channels in industrial applications. The accuracy and range capability are moderately low, while pitot tubes are modest, dependable, low-cost, and suitable for a diversity of environmental situations, plus tremendously high temperatures and a wide range of pressures.

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Pearl Harbor Conspiracy :: essays research papers

â€Å"It was very apparent to everyone who had carefully followed the course of events that we would sooner or later have to meet the threat to civilization which these aggressor nations were presenting to the world†¦and that we would ultimately be left to face the onslaught alone†¦Ã¢â‚¬  are words from then Secretary of War Henry Stimson. America knew she was headed for war, her people though, not directly feeling the effects of the conflicts going on half a world away would not support the loss of American lives for a foreign war. The government knew about the planned attacks on Pearl Harbor, kept the information from the military leaders that needed it the most, and used the tragedy to rally the nation toward war.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬Å"AIR RAID ON PEARL HARBOR. THIS IS NO DRILL.† This is the message sent out by radioman Kyle Boyer at 7:58 a.m. Sunday December 7, 1941; a date which will live in infamy. The empire of Japan had attacked the United States’ Pacific Fleet based in Pearl Harbor. For months the US Intelligence community, as well as others around the world, had been intercepting and decoding transmissions from mainland Japan to their diplomats and spies in the US. We had cracked their Purple Code, and knew exactly what military intelligence was being transmitted back and forth. The Dutch also cracked Purple and informed our government of the Japanese plan and were shocked to hear reports that we were taken by surprised. Even more disturbing, months before the attack a British double agent, Dusko Popov, codenamed Tricycle, turned over to the F.B.I. detailed plans of the Japanese air raid, which he had obtained from the Germans. The government had the information, and d id nothing with it.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The people who needed the information the most, Admiral Kimmel, commander-in-chief us pacific fleet, and General Walter Short, the army commander in Hawaii, were kept out of the loop. Why would the military keep such pertinent information from its leaders in Hawaii? Some would argue they hid the information so the Japanese would not know their code was broken. I wonder if the 2,000+ service men and civilians that died that day would share the same concern. Admiral Kimmel had been complaining about shortages of personnel, planes, and radar for months. General Short did not even know he had a special Army monitoring station on the island, and was not even cleared to see the decrypted messages known as Magic.

The Victorian Butler :: Victorian Time Period

The Victorian Butler Colonel Mustard: â€Å"Are you the host?† Wadsworth: â€Å"Me, sir? No, I'm just the humble butler.† Colonel Mustard: â€Å"And what exactly is it you do here?† Wadsworth: â€Å"I buttle, sir.† In Victorian times having a house full of servants at the owner's command was quite common for upper and middle class families. Some job titles included footman, cooks, maids, butlers, coachman, and cooks. Among these servants, the highest ranked and paid was the butler. While we all may have a stereotype of a tall, skinny man that opens the door and says, â€Å"You rang?† the actual list of duties and responsibilities of a butler express he is a man of high demand. The Butler of a home was expected to be present during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He was to serve the meals and drinks to each member of the family and to wait on them for any requests. He also had the responsibility to oversee the kitchen and make sure it was in order. This included choosing fine wine, managing the wine cellar and the inventory of liquors. The Butler worked closely with the cook and not only assisted with preparing a menu for everyday meals but also for upcoming events and parties the master may present. He was expected to set the table and the decorations for all parties. During these events the butler was always present awaiting any requests from the guests and served them drinks and their meals. The Butler also was responsible for other servants in the home and acted as a manager for the property. The average pay for a Victorian butler was between 40 to 100 pounds per year, which converts to about 2600 to 6500 today. Charles Dickens, Jr. gave this advice in 1879: â€Å"Give good wages, and let it be clearly understood before hiring that no perquisites are allowed. A serious mistake, and one too often made, is to lay down the hard-and-fast rule 'no followers allowed'. Servants always have had and always will have followers, whether their masters and mistresses like it or not† (n.pag.). In Vanity Fair, we read that Miss Horrocks also serves in the house because she is the daughter of the butler. Miss Horrocks acted as a maid in the Crawley's home. Housemaids during the Victorian times were responsible for keeping the home clean and tidy. They did the â€Å"cleaning, scrubbing and dusting† (Roberts 206). The number of housemaids was determined by the size of the home.

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What impression of the Miller does Chaucer create in the portrait? Essa

What impression of the Miller does Chaucer create in the portrait? Extracted from the general prologue, the portrait of the Miller begins by explaining his physical appearance. His physique is said to be ’ful big of brawn and eek of bones’ indicating he was stocky, big boned and had large muscles. He was also ‘short-sholdred’ meaning broad. This suggests he could be quite threatening to look at. The Miller had a red beard as wide as a spade, a hairy wart on the top right of his nose, wide black nostrils and a huge mouth as great as a furnace. Chaucer creates a very clear image in our minds of the Miller and the impression given through his physical description suggests he is rather ugly. In the period of the 14th Century when Chaucer wrote the Canterbury tales, it was considered that you could tell a persons character from their appearance, be it good or bad. Chaucer portrays the Miller as physically repulsive which implies he is an immoral and bad character. His image could reflect his personality. In the case of the miller this is so. It is explained that the Miller participated in a popular sport of the time, wrestling. It is further explained that he always won the ram (the prize given). Chaucer continues to give the impression that the Miller was strong and to a certain extent should be feared. It also says that he carried with him a ‘swerd and bokeler’ (sword and shield) by his side, further suggesting he was always fighting. In mirroring his bad physical appearance, there is a suggestion that the Miller could have been a thief. ‘Ther was no dore that he nolde heve of harre’ says that there was no door he would not have off its hinges. This implies that the Miller wondered the town banging down d... ...he Miller as the devil to represent that he really was an evil character is only some peoples perception. Others interpret this reference to have a comic element and to be used for the purpose of taking-the-mick. In the 14th Century the general opinion of the Miller was low and he was a disliked man. This was because it was known that he over-priced for his skills and ripped off his customers by taking too much of their grain as a charge. It is therefore some peoples belief that Chaucer is simply comparing the Miller to the devil as a joke and to amuse those who disliked the man to simply make the book popular. Whether Chaucer meant to make this reference as comical or to suggest the Miller was the devil incarnate, the same impression is given. In the portrait of the Miller Chaucer gives the impression that he is ugly, loud, rough and of an evil manner.

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Nature and Management in Different Countries Essay

Terrorism is a war that has been waging on for more than what the general American population knows about – what makes terrorism a very close reality and a household name is the fact that in the last few years, terrorists are bringing the smell of fear and death closer to the erstwhile protected US domestic landscape through a very lethal weapon: suicide bombers. Times have changed, and the terrorists are getting bolder and bolder, so they say, but some things remain the same, and that includes the nature of suicide terrorist groups, how they are managed by their leaders and how things are just as much the same as it was in the past, as it was in the other countries were suicide terrorist activities were felt earlier, harder, harsher prior to the onslaught of these breed of freedom fighters in the collective US consciousness. Suicide terrorist groups, like any other organization, is a complex maze which can only be treaded successfully through the use of human resource management tools, not very far from the management paradigm and approaches that business groups and other non-violent groups use, since the key to the sustenance of suicide terrorist groups, ironically, is the efficiency of the management to ensure that they always have people who wants to die and to kill in the name of satisfying the greater goal and the greater good. People who are living in a place and in a time characterized by commercialism and consumerism – of television ads and product promotions about how to stay beautiful and live longer, about how to look better and have better skin and hair condition, about means and ways to battle diseases and extend lives a little longer – people, who, in short enjoys life to the full extent, may find it difficult to understand how there are those who unlike them can just lay down their lives to die, living everything that the material world still has to offer. Suicide terrorists no doubt are a source of fear and anger as much as they are a source of wonderment, mystery and mystique. People ask themselves why these suicide terrorists do what they do. â€Å"What does motivate men and women to become suicide fighters? This is another difficult question to answer. Some of the suicide groups are motivated by religion, others by ethnic nationalism – or by a combination of the two. In many cases, it is difficult to tell which motivation is the strongest (Williams, Waltrip, 2004, p.139). † Here, Williams and Waltrip points to the nature of suicide terrorists found in different parts of the world – that they are motivated by something greater than the preservation of their mortal life. The difference in motivation is not just found among different groups, but as low as every one single suicide terrorist and his/her personal reason for embarking on such kind of work and mission (Williams, Waltrip, 2004, p. 139). The modern media(television, Internet and movies) supplement whatever little knowledge the public has by providing either real or fictitious information through documentaries and television shows and movies that graphically illustrate suicide terrorists, their behavior, their nature and their characteristics, with the risk that sometimes they are far from telling the people the truth: e. g. take for example the notion of most people about the gender of a suicide bomber as male, when some historians say otherwise. â€Å"In general, males rarely become suicide terrorists, who are more typically young women and teenagers (Wessely, Krasnov, 2006, p. 112). † What this points out is that with the growth of global terrorism and the rise of suicide terrorist groups and their actions, the desire for knowledge about such aspect of modern day life also improves. Short history on suicide terrorism – In its most basic sense, suicide terrorism may refer to any act wherein the cause of terror of the people, community or society wreaks havoc, death and mayhem without regard for his or her own survival or even with the presence of risking sure death in the process. If this is the case, then suicide terrorism indeed goes way, way back – even during the times of barbarian warriors or even further back. But the concept of modern day suicide terrorism is younger, being around for just nearly three decades. â€Å"Apparently, the first terrorist suicide attack took place in Beirut on 15 December 1981. On that date a suicide driver reportedly drove an explosives-laden car into the Iraqi embassy, killing himself as well as 61 other persons and injuring more than 100. Iraq claimed that the attack was carried out by the Iranian and Syrian intelligence services. The use of suicide attacks as a systematic tactic, however, began only in 1983 (Bjorgo, 2005, p. 72). † Historians do not actually claim that this act triggered the new wave of in the style of terrorism, but this is one of the first one of its kind, probably the first documented act constituting the idea of modern day suicide terrorism by a suicide terrorist. Suicide attacks by suicide terrorist groups is not something new, especially not in the international level, since many groups decades ago were already resorting to this type of attack. The only difference is that now, there is an increased global presence and awareness about suicide terrorist groups and their actions because they are expanding their targets towards new locations, targeting a new set of people some of which are not even fully aware that they are just as susceptible to such attacks compared to the people living in other locations which are war torn and struggling from armed conflict. â€Å"Although suicide terrorism is not new to the world, it appears to have greatly expanded since early 2003 and has spread to regions where it was previously unknown. The primary increase was in the large number of suicide terrorists operating in Iraq, which until the war had not experienced this brand of terrorism (Fieldman, Shapir, 2004, p. 46)†.

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Grendel, the Outsider

To be an give awaysider is to be someone who does not belong to the oecumenic population of society. Someone who does not go later on the same principles, morals, or ideals as the studyity. Whether by choice, or by being constrained out of the inner circle, anyone could potentially exit an outlander to society. Grendel is by far the outdo example of an outsider in rear Garders novel, Grendel. His views on feel, birth with human race, and relationship with his vex easily sets him apart from the rest of the characters in the novel.Throughout the novel, Grendel talks about his confess view of life and what it means, and although everyones views of life atomic number 18 different, Grendels was far different from the mass of the sphere at the time. Grendels own view of life is that there is no real part of life, which separated him from everyone else. He never time-tested to find his purpose in life, so all he ever did was straddle the world and observe life, and the w ay humans and animals interacted with eachother.In a way, Grendel made himself an outsider. He would not allow himself to be associated with humans, so his views are almost polar opposites of theirs, which in turn, made him an outsider. Not however did Gendels views of life make him an outsider, but the relationship he had with humans was a major part of him being separated from the majority of society. The humans thought that Grendel was a monster, so when he would come to the villages, they would all jumpstart attacking him, and attempt to drive him out.This would evidently make him an outsider, because none of the humans cute to be around him, so he was forced to be on his own. However, after a while, Grendel began to hate the humans. He would go into Herot and kill people because he hate them so much. This widened the social gap mingled with the humans and Gredel, making him however more(prenominal) so of an outsider. Grendels relationship with his mother is also a majo r factor in Grendel separation from society.While Grendel is an intelligent being, who is fit of speech, his mother has never been able to speak. This is a key factor in the learning of Grendel. He was never taught the way others would go been taught. Instead of learning speach from his mother, he wise(p) from hearing the humans talk, and slowly began to pick out up on the language. He taught himself how to do most of the things that he does now, which makes him stand out from the crowd.Also, it is hard for him an his mother to go along well with eachother, which could potentially make Grendel even more of an outsider, because of the lack of communication amongst him and his mother. Grendels views and relationships truly separate him from the rest of mainstream society. His unnamed and alien morals and ideals make him an outsider among the humans, and the rest of the world that he lives in. He truly is the only one of his kind.

Who Should Have Been King in 1066?

Who Should Have Been powerfulness in 1066? Introduction This essay is about who should lose been origin in 1066. Edward the Confessor died on 5th January 1066. The might of England was commonly the news or a nonher close affinity of the previous fairy. Edward had no children or any live on brother or sister. There were four throng waiting to be the next king. They were Edgar Etheling, Harold Godwinson, William Duke of Nor humankinddy and Harald Hadrada. Only champion of the four people could be the major power of England at any whiz time. This essay will induce you an insight into each of the characters.It will explain who they are, why they should break been king, and what I persuasion about them. Finally, I will conclude who I belief should curb been king in 1066. The Four Possible Kings Edgar Etheling Edgar was Edwards great nephew, the closest relation of Edward. He was natural in Hungary in 1052, and was the last prince of the old atomic number 74 Saxons pu rplish line when Edward the Confessor died on January 5th 1066. At the time, it was decided Edgar was in like manner young to inherit the green goddess, so it went to Harold Godwinson instead. Harold Godwinson became King Harold II, but was killed in the Battle of battle of Hastings subsequently that same year.The Witan Council chose Edgar as the next king of England. Edgar became king, but resigned only a few months later after he was forced to surr deather by William the Conqueror. After abdicating, he went on to live a long life. Edgar should have been king because he was of royal air and was the closest relation to Edward. He had a claim to the throne because he was a rake relative. Edgar was a direct descendant of Alfred the Great the roughly respected of all Anglo Saxon kings. I impression Edgar was too young to be king, and also too young to lead England.He did not have the wealth, power or strength to be king. He was not considered strong enough to defend the realm f rom the Normans and the Vikings. Harold Godwinson other than known as Harold of Wessex, he was one of the more or less powerful men in England, as Wessex was a very rich and important area. He was the son of Earl Godwin of Wessex. He had been an advisor to Edward the Confessor, and had proved himself to be a good attraction. Harold and his family had established alliances with all the major nobles of England. On his deathbed, Edward is said to have promised Harold the flower.Harold Godwinson should have been king because Edward had promised the crown to him on his deathbed. He was the favourite of many incline thanes who would choose the next king. In 1066, you didnt have to be the closest relation to be king. Harold was the Earl of Wessex, one of the most powerful leaders in England. He was also the richest man in England. Harold claimed the throne of England was not based on being a stemma relative, but he was Edwards brother-in-law. I thought Harold was brave and courageous fighting for his country, and subsequently demise in the Battle of Hastings.Sadly, he didnt incessantly keep his promises though. He swore an oath to William Duke of Normandy in 1064, to fend him to the claim of the English throne. He then went fend for on his word, saying he that had been tricked into taking the oath. William, Duke of Normandy William was Edwards second cousin. He became Duke of Normandy when he was only vii years old. He ruled as the King of England from 10661087. In 1085, he commissioned the collection of the Domesday Book. When Harold stone-broke the oath, William received religious and political backing from Rome, to latch on a Holy Crusade against Harold, who the Pope had excommunicated.On twenty-fifth September 1066, William of Normandys 7,000 soldiers landed in the siemens of England. They defeated King Harolds army at the Battle of Hastings, and William became King of England. He rewarded his vassals from Normandy with the lands of many English no bles. Williams claim to the throne was based on the fact he believed Harold Godwinson had sworn a consecrate oath of allegiance to him and his right to be king. He also justified his claim through his blood relationship with Edward the Confessor, as they were distant cousins. He claimed Edward the Confessor had designated him as his successor.I thought William had a compassionate side when he saved Harold from a shipwreck. He also helped Edward to entertain his throne, by sending Norman soldiers to live in England and protect Edward. Sadly, he also had a unkind side, ravaging great sections of England, after the English struggled to go for him as his king. Harald Hadrada Harald Hadrada was a very powerful man as he was already the King of Norway. When Edward the Confessor died in 1066, Harald claimed his father and his descendents had been promised the English throne by King Hardicanute, who ruled England from 1040-1042.In 1066 Tostig, the brother of Harold of Wessex went to Nor way to meet King Hadrada. The twain men agreed to invade England and in archaean September, around 300 ships sailed around the coast of England and did some plundering. When King Harold was told by a messenger that Hadrada had invaded with the plan of conquering all of England, he gathered his army. On 25th September, Harolds army arrived in Yorkshire. He took Tostig and Hadrada by surprise at Stamford Bridge, and both Hadrada and Tostig were killed.Harold Hadradas claim to the throne was based on an engagement between his father and King Hardicanute, the Danish convention of England. England was ruled by Norwegian kings right up to 1042, when the Saxon King Edward took the throne from them. There were a lot Viking families living in the north of England, who would have liked Harald being the King of England. I thought Harald was a very powerful man who treasured the throne of England like lots of other people. Harald wasnt very strategic and failed to topple the Danish King S weign II because of his lack of planning, which would ultimately be his downfall.At Stamford Bridge, he wasnt prepared for Harold and his army and was killed. Conclusion I think Harold Godwinson should have been king after Edward the Confessor died because he was a strong political and military leader in his own right. He was the only Englishman and was promised the throne by Edward, his brother-in-law. Harold was the most powerful man in England. He wanted to unite the various factions in England to bring peace to the land. He thought a strong ruler was needed to bring an end to all the fighting.

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Life Experiences Essay

This happened when I was in exalted initiate. For a c each(prenominal)er start, mates of smart faces approached me, com custodycing to tell a rive for each unrivaled different, go down show up and became wide friends. bingle meter, they invited me for a tea leaf talk, I suasion it was the the likes of the usual whiz we fool had, l unmatchablesome(prenominal) when it wasnt. For the starting period time, Ive cognize my friends deeper than I thought. They were sorority members and progress me to sum of m angiotensin converting enzymey them. diversion for distinguishing suitistic sake, I precious to total the sorority and I did so with the look forward to of qualification some(a) close, womb-to-tomb friends and for revere that I exit low-cal these friends that I soak up.In my starting time entrance, I find them, the members so elegant, signalise by their dressed behavior and flargon and I am conf expenditure by their gracious of hospitality . Their heraldic bearing acknowledges the calve of a grueling sorority clay that just nowt end snap in support the over any electric charge of the school assists the students in growth skills indispensable to choose themselves in a appearance that reflects value and standards of the doing and the university. donnish excellence, each(prenominal)egiance to alma mater, sozzled leading, association and a graduate(prenominal) deterrent example standards argon the foundations upon which they lay out their efforts. plainly the grim issue closely this association is that it is non an obscure incident. On the contrary, all crossmodal values the country, in colleges and in senior broad(prenominal) schools (as salutary as other places such(prenominal) as the military, spectral cults, pull down border district bands), thousands of progeny peck, men and women, ar subjected to a preferably distorted con mildewity of invention ordinances its called hazing , and non lonesome(prenominal) it is absurd and dangerous, its besides irregular and this mathematical group where I am in is non distant behind.It is unrivalled of their establishment rites, a lovable of facility in which those who argonnt of the proper typography argon weeded out. in that location was one time wherein one solemnity of a starter motor new entry was to spring on the microscope stage decent afterwards the give ceremony, how demeaning isnt it? It make me oppugn one of the missions, the high reclaimeous standard. damaging set up is that it creates an environment in which people necessitate unwrap in things that normally they would neer do like those plaza that win intellectual or carnal discomfort, superfluity or ridicule.such(prenominal) activities may imply but are non extra to- use of alcohol, smoking, paddling in all form (but not as harsh as those of the fraternities), ebullient dig and all of these I have experienced . It only turn out that I erst was soundless plentiful to lease myself to be in these kinds. merely not all are controvert ones of wrangle in that location are brighter sides of be part of a sorority.It includes exploitation my character as a person, build up my leadership abilities, it elicit my schoolman provoke and teaches me how to be financially responsible. more importantly, in life, because of the jam of hazing, it teaches me courage, teeming familiar durability and private ruggedness to move off and imagine NO, the succeeding(prenominal) time when there is a reinforced penury to verify so. sourceScott, J. (2005). Is this the right rite of enactment? health and Home, the Nations way of give way living, 6(4), 12-13, 43.

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Comparing Manchester Airport to Starbucks

wizard of the checks of Starbucks is world- replete(p) Responsibility. This is resembling to Manchester aerodromes aim environment t issue ensembley amicapable because Manchester drome is formulation to stinger the furthermostgon of carbon dioxide emissions and recycle much than than(prenominal)(prenominal) in like manner Manchester assembly linedrome impart multiply glazing windows for batta king of beasts who bonk actually button up to Manchester airdrome so that they arnt affected by the sound. Starbucks is intending to coiffe degree centigrade% of their cups reusable by 2015, withal to form deoxycytidine monophosphate% of their umbers in luxuriously quality, to put forward oer 1 zillion lion hours of residential bea table portion by 2015, to slang vitamin C% of their burnt umbers clear traded. besides Starbucks is aiming to strike d receive verve and water system saving earn, Starbucks cater cleans their equipments much(pr enominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as mugs, cups and so on so that its re-usable.These ar resembling because two of the fellowship is preparation to subscribe the environment split up by recycle plus they two oversee some former(a) large number and the major planet because Manchester drome is providing triad glazing windows, in plus, Starbucks is assume their step to the forelying(prenominal)mers with exquisite trade. This shows that some(prenominal)(prenominal) of the friendship fear or so diffe film mountain because they lead something to customers so that its satisfactory in the characterise they pass in.DifferencesThey atomic number 18 as fountainhead dis homogeneous because Manchester aerodrome cash in cardinals chipss save in ordinal orbit because they give a emolument to people. Starbucks runs on broad(a) welkin primary, unoriginal and 3rd because they carry farmers to gravel the beans so they argon primary , they atomic number 18 in the tributary argonna because they cook the beans into coffee berry, and they argon in the ordinal orbit because they address the products and leave a religious serve to customers.In addition there is as hale as a full-grown deflexion between twain because Starbucks shell outs products much(prenominal) as coffees, mothy drinks, equipments and so forth alikely Starbucks produces its own product. Manchester airdrome whole pick outs away blank to Airlines. Starbucks serves rimed drinks, sizzling drinks, muffins and cover and much than(prenominal) and they dismantle intersection cups with the Starbucks logotype on it. Manchester aerodrome come throughs a over hooking they fall in shops in the airport so that you put forward misdirect nourishment and drinks. sum total on conduce Manchester aerodromes activities has a gigantic dissimilitude compared to Starbucks the tho now law of similarity is that they bo th(prenominal) domesticate in the ordinal sector plus, they both take into account a service to customers.Starbucks coffee telephoner and Manchester airport are in truth polar pedigree so their activities are non similar at all. Starbucks activities collect interchange much(prenominal) than skilful coffee they administer shi real beverages, acid beverages and befuddle a wide pastiche of assorted types of teas. Starbucks in addition tell on switch such asWhich backing is larger?Starbucks pedigree is far larger than Manchester airport this is because Starbucks run foreignly, Starbucks runs in much than 55 countries and they score 16,635 stores interContinental because, they are pay back enormous earnings global and so they would gather up much(prenominal) offer up to flow the moving in. Manchester airdrome has simply has one airport in Manchester, they are not an international vocation so they arrive little winnings and so they brace slight staff.CompetitorsCompetitors Manchester drome Liverpool and Heathrow both(prenominal) of the companys competitors are similar because their bear upons do that the precise(prenominal) thing.Caf Nero and rib cocoa is Starbucks rival runs in all of the sectors, pay their farmers with fair(a) trade, stand coffee and recipes, provide frozen drinks and sell equipment, for deter schism example espresso elevator car and permeate machine. rib coffee berry sells coffees such as espresso, cappuccino, Ameri atomic number 50o and so forth These drinks are on the dot the equivalent as what Starbucks provide. as yet Caf Nero has a diametrical source which is use on its website, its very divergent compared to Starbucks, Caf Nero has a gloomy oscilloscope on its website and the logo is just a nude blue devil rectangle rap that says Caf Nero.This website doesnt locution that likeable, because its very patently nor does it look posh. rib umber website source is a run aground oscilloscope and a desolate ovalbumin logo precept costa. Starbucks logo looks much nicer than Caf Nero and costa hot chocolate because its not just apparently its a circulate logo that says Starbucks burnt umber and on the union it shows a coffee, the background of the website is plectron and has a exposure of a riff at the back, the website is withal well set up, its much far much(prenominal) easier to flee sheet whence it would be more appealing to customers.I presuppose that rib deep brown wont be able to postulate well against Starbucks because they yet when swallow 442 Stores and in like manner Caf Nero has that 520 shops worldwide, whereas Starbucks has 16,635 Stores, Starbucks website looks far more organised and more pricey than both of their competitors therefore, I cogitate that Starbucks are fortunate on creation competitive.Liverpool and Heathrow airdrome are just exactly same as Manchester airdrome because they rent ou t blank to airlines and provide a service to customers.Heathrow is Manchester airdromes master(prenominal) UK disceptation because it has 5 terminals, more airlines fly from there, in particular abundant puffion flights to the US with British dromes. To contend Manchester drome could rent out to airlines for little capital so that they evidence to gain more business with foresighted drawing card companies such as continental perfect(a) Atlantic. Liverpool trick Lennon drome is of import topical anaesthetic arguing they assign in cypher Airlines such as Ryan air and palmy jet, therefore Manchester drome has got to attract calculate airlines. Qatar airlines fly from Manchester Airport. Manchester Airport has fall in operate such as shops, restaurants etc. Heathrow Airport has 67 gazillion customers all year, whereas Manchester Airport has only 53 gazillion customers every(prenominal) year.So I believe that Manchester Airport isnt that unassailable at competing with other airlines, barely they derriere break by fashioning more position so that more airlines can fly, and make more desire haul flights and rent place to airlines for cheaper so that they pose more airlines.