Monday, October 7, 2019

Marketing Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

Marketing Plan - Essay Example The marketing efforts will comprise design contest entries, participating in trade shows and advertising in lifestyle magazines and industry (Pride, 2011). Product Strategy – business will be its own label which it puts on its grooming services. We will also market our partners services. We will provide loving and attending service to all pets being brought into our stores for grooming, training, or medical care. We will also steer away from the "warehouse" perspective and work to make our stores brighter and more attractive (Pride, 2011). Price Strategy: we will aggressively market our prices to be cheaper than independent pet shop tattlers and to compete against other well known boxes retailers and stores. Sales will be competitive, and we will have a supply discount card which provides more savings to the customers. We will also compare our competitors’ prices and ensure that our prices are either lower or the same price with better services. Regular customers may be offered special price tags as well as the customers who have docile and tolerable pets (Pride, 2011). Distribution (Place) Strategy: Stores will be well stocked with fresh - raw materials, and also products that provide animals with specific dietary needs (weight control, skin allergies, sensitive stomachs, urinary health, etc.) as well as natural, grain free products. Safe transport services will be provided in case of door to door pet collection and delivery (Pride, 2011). Promotion Strategy: Internet marketing, radio advertisements, television advertisements, word of mouth, public relations (through animal foster and animal shelters groups). In subsequent years, the business will expand its marketing endeavors to include individual consumers reachable through lifestyle magazine advertisement and through cable televisions, sponsoring pet competitions and shows and

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