Friday, October 18, 2019

Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 23

Report - Essay Example From the performance, it can be noted that teacher Smith is rated good in all the years both in first grade as well as second grade. This is because of the good job that she did while in class with the students. The presentation for both years one and two are as shown below. It is important to note that in all the graphical presentations, 1 and 3 are first grades while 2 and 4 are second grade. However the good performance, the first grade in year one was not that pleasing. Another good performance was realized from what was done by Casey. This therefore made her to be the best in terms of ranking of the teachers from all the averages made. The graph below shows the good work from the students that she taught This is a very credible that can best show the efforts put in place by the various teachers. It is important to highlight that a good teacher shows continuous performance all through the session. Whenever the performance of a teacher goes down together with the averages, it clearly denotes that something is not right somewhere and the students are not being given the best in terms of delivery. Whenever a student is not given the best in terms of teaching, it is important to reiterate that this will be effectively shown in the student performance. In the discussion of the validity of criteria 2,it can be clearly noted that this method of evaluation is very much sensitive as it is much demanding for a teacher to make it happen that the average is above 548 which is the district mean. This therefore means that the teachers who make it to this or more than this is very much hardworking and so they are good teachers. This is because making sure that all students excel such that even when the average is calculated it stil remains above the

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