Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Discuss Nurse Practice Act related to abandonment Essay

Discuss Nurse Practice Act related to abandonment - Essay Example Every state in America has its own version of NPA and there may be differences in the application and interpretation of a law for a specific Nursing Board. However, it is important to note every state does not include the patient abandonment in its version of NPA. Patient abandonment is usually safeguarded through Business and Professions Code, disciplinary actions, Common Law practices and administrative legislation prevalent is a state or country. â€Å"On the other hand, not all laws governing the practice of nursing are found in "the Act" or its' regulations. Legal obligations common to various licensed healthcare professionals will apply to nurses.† (Erickson, p. 1, 2006). There is no concrete definition of abandonment because it can take forms and shapes, which are required to be interpreted within an available legal framework. In some cases, it may occur in denial of extra shift duty or an assigned task. However, nursing is a serious obligation either it is a normal shi ft duty or an extra one. â€Å"Once a nurse has accepted a patient assignment, he or she is accountable for providing competent care to the assigned patients.† (Lewis, p. 118, 2001).

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