Thursday, October 17, 2019

Marketing. Unique home dcor items Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing. Unique home dcor items - Essay Example Unique home decor items are a decoration company that specializes in all kinds of home furnishings. Marketing is fundamental to growth of any business venture and we as a company have decided to venture into search engine marketing as one of the platforms we belief will enable us reach majority of our customers and by extension foster our upcoming company. Specifically we have decided to use search engine optimization, search advertising and other directories marketing in our search engine marketing. Jupiter communications consumer survey data observes that 81 % of people who are regular internet users locate websites through the use of search engines. The article further indicates that 54% of online shoppers who are experienced in shopping through the internet mainly rely on search engines when locating for a product to purchase on the internet. IMT strategies further assert that online search engines have provided more awareness for websites than other advertisement platforms such as television, radio or newspapers. 80 % of online search program users locate whatever they are looking for as soon as the third page. Sale leads which are made from main phrases and words searches are always the best qualified and also they have the highest buying probability. Regular search engine advertising is therefore fundamental in increasing a company’s chases of improving sales of products and services considering the importance of search engines to internet users. Any successive online advertising campaign must begin with firm search engine advertising. ... This is fundamental especially for upcoming companies that want to grow business at a faster rate it’s on this premise that we have chosen search engine marketing as an ideal platform for advertising our products. Search engine optimization For us to be able to attract customers, we need to foster the interaction of our website with users and search engines such as yahoo, Google, dogpile and many others. Search engine optimization involves building small modifications to key areas of our website. Whilst viewed in isolation, the modifications may appear like incremental improvements, however, when put together, they many have ideal impact on our websites customer understanding and performance. For us to be able to have a competitive advantage over our main rivals, we must identify what’s important for the clients of our website. These are the key consumers of our products and search engines should be able to display products of interest to our customers. For us to optimi ze our website, we need to do a variety of tasks such as creating accurate page titles, improvement of uniform resource locators structure, giving quality content to our customers, making good use of robots.txt and making use of free webmaster tools. Page titles are fundamental and for us to remain competitive we must make them unique. Key details of our company such as the name of our business, physical location, and physical address will be put on our home page. An important consideration that we as a company will make is to ensure that titles are brief, descriptive, simple language that visitors can understand and free of ambiguity. We will also use meta tags for giving summary of what is contained in each page of our website.

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