Friday, August 9, 2019

'The War on Terror produces more terrorism' Essay

'The War on Terror produces more terrorism' - Essay Example According to them, terror should be dealt with in a different way. Even though certain democrats accept the fact that applying force is necessary in certain cases, a complete solution can be achieved only by improving the ideological appeal and moral authority of the United States. More efficient democracy and smarter techniques to better relationship between nations would help reduce terror in the world. Improving cooperation among nations would eliminate misunderstandings and other issues that generates enmity between nations. According to the critics of Bush, the war on terror has contributed only in creating more terrorists. War on terror has not eliminated terror from the face of the earth. War on Terror produces more terrorism. The United States should change course completely as war on terror is expected to give birth to more terrorists. War on terror is not the right action as it cannot wipe out terror. The war on terror is found to be causing more terrorism. According to new reports the United States has played a major role in making the world more terror-filled. The world has become unsafe not just for non-Americans, but for Americans as well. The war on terror has given birth to more terrorism. Innocent people in different parts of the world are suffering because of the ‘Iraq effect’. ... Research studies have been performed to study the effect of Iraq issue on global terrorism. According to the research, the number of people lost their lives in jihadist attacks in different parts of the world has increased dramatically after the beginning of the Iraq war in 2003. The research compared the events between Sep 11, 2001 and the attack of Iraq. Excluding the Arab-Israel conflict, the count of deaths increased from 729 to 5420. Apart from conflicts in Europe, wars happened in Kashmir and Chechnya. The Centre on Law and Security (in NYU Foundation) who performed the research reported that there has been a steady rise in the number of deaths due to war and conflicts. After the attack on Iraq, terrorist activities have increased considerably. War on terror has contributed to more terrorist activities on various parts of the world. According to the reports Iraq became the reason for a fierce fundamentalist reaction that caused more terror. Iraq affairs have encouraged more ter rorist attacks that ever before. Muslim activists and terrorists became more active than ever after Iraq affairs. The number of people killed by Islamists in Iraq increased from 7 to 3,122. Afghanistan also witnessed an increase in terrorist activities as the British and US forces invaded them after the attacks of Sep 11. The number of deaths in Afghanistan was few in 2003. The number of deaths increased to 802 since then. In the conflicts at Chechen, the number of deaths increased from 234 to 497. In the Kashmir issue, Pakistan and India had their number of deaths increase from 182 to 489. Europe that had zero deaths had it increased to 297 in the terror activities. War on

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