Monday, August 26, 2019

Ethics and the college student Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ethics and the college student - Research Paper Example At this age someone develops good habits and by repeatedly doing the habits, they grow in an ethical way (Paul & Elder, 2006). Conversely, ethical habits can also be developed from the teaching someone acquires from the taught rules for example cleaning hands after visiting the washroom, not spitting around, covering the mouth while coughing. All these and many others are rules taught in the society thus when someone learns them, they tend to develop the ethical habits derived from them. When one gets to high school, there are those habits a high school student is supposed to have for example, completing assignments and attending all classes as well as following rules. Therefore, a student will develop the ethical habits dictated by the environment they are in which is the learning (Paul & Elder, 2006). There are also those ethics that can be obtained from establishing new habits. For instance someone can establish a habit of ensuring that they will never do a punishment or cross the wrong side of the law. Such a person will always do what is right so as to ensure they do not get punished. These are the ethics observed according to the area of study for instance medical ethics for health students, business ethics for business ethics and engineering ethics for engineering students (Paul & Elder, 2006). This kind of ethics help one in improving their performance in that field as well as determining what is right to do in that field. Educational ethics also help in shaping the student to perform morally in the place of work for example being responsible. This is dictated by the knowledge of what is morally good to do. It is this type of ethics that enables a person to determine their mode of dressing, the activities they do in public as well as the language they use to communicate (Paul & Elder, 2006). This ethics also dictates how one

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