Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Strategic Importance of Human Resources Management in an Research Paper

The Strategic Importance of Human Resources Management in an Organization - Research Paper Example A growing organization should focus more on updating their human resource management policies and strategies time to time in order to sustain the growth of the organization. This paper analyses the strategic importance of human resource management for a growing organization. The Strategic Importance of Human Resources Management in an Organization Even though machines, money and materials are some of the essential resources needed for establishing or sustaining the growth of business, human resources seem to be one place above all. All the organizational resources can be mobilized only with the help of the human element. ‘Human resources’ is the brain of an organization whereas other resources are only the parts of the organization. In other words, human resources control all the other elements in an organization in a particular way to ensure the success of the organization. In short, the success of an organization remains on how well the organization is able to manage i ts human resources. Human resource management (HRM) is gaining more prominence at present because of the entry of globalization and the development of cross cultural business. Earlier, HRM focused mainly on the internal or domestic matters; however, the increasing interdependence of global economy and trade activities forced HRM to look beyond the boundaries to ensure the safe functioning of the organization. ... General HRM functions and its importance to an organization Right people at the right place at the right time are always beneficial to an organization. It is not necessary that a manager who excelled in a particular position in the past may continue to do so in future also because of the changing business climate. It is the duty of the HRM to make changes at various levels of the organization time to time in order to ensure that the right people are always at the right place. Recruitment is the method adopted by HRM for identifying and appointing talents at various vacancies arising in the organization time to time. All the organizations may have a well defined Human Resource (HR) policy in the selection of the employees. The criteria for selection of employees could be different for different organizations. In other words, the experience and qualifications prescribed for a particular post in different organizations could be different. The trends in recruitment methods are changing b ecause of the changing needs of the organizations. For example, the recruiters assessed only the clerical skills while recruiting clerks earlier; however, at present they are assessing the communication and management abilities also along with the clerical skills. In other words, the demand for all-rounders is more at present than specialists. Ricky Franklin (2008) has pointed that criminal records checks, employment verification, drug screening, education verification, reference checks, verification of professional licenses and/or certifications, motor vehicle records checks, credit history, and integrity evaluations as the major selection tools adopted by big companies. He has also mentioned about a new selection tool called behavioral

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