Saturday, September 7, 2019

Do a Case Brief of a news article Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Do a Brief of a news article - Case Study Example The allegations that have been brought to court comprise of detailed testimonies from managers at Wal-Mart, who claimed to have visited strip clubs to conduct company meetings and did not see any downside to visiting Hooters for the purpose of a business gathering. One female employee reported an incident where her male supervisors had told her to â€Å"doll up† and apply more makeup and dress appropriately. Dukes hence became the face of a case that was gathering momentum in court and making waves, mostly because of the fact that the case involved sworn statements from over a 100 female employees who claimed that they had faced discrimination, harassment or had to perform in a hostile work environment simply because of their sex and a failure of Wal-Mart management to address these problems. They went as far as to state that they were not given equal opportunities as their male peers and so hired a statistician to evaluate Wal-Mart’s payroll data to analyze the ratio of men who were progressing compared to female employees. So the allegations made were that women represented two-thirds of hourly employees, however it was seen that approximately less than 14 percent of them became store managers. On average, a woman employee waited 4.3 years to be promoted to the post of an assistant manager whereas for men the process took 2.86 years. Similarly men were promoted to the title of store manger in 8.64 years compared to the 10.12 years women employees had to wait. Lastly the allegations stated that women earned about 5 to 15 percent lesser than men, across all job categories. The ruling of the US Supreme Court, according to ‘The Guardian’, rejected these arguments which stated that there was a common policy of unfairness against women at Wal-Mart. Senior US judges came to the decision that this 10 year long gender bias case was in complete failure to meet the requirements for class action cases. Also a maximum number of conservative judges ruled that the

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