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Referring to the 5 main problems of philosophy, show how each of the Essay

Referring to the 5 main problems of philosophy, show how each of the readings (Plato through Descartes.) - Essay Example Analysis of Knowledge The philosopher defined knowledge with level of doubt which is basically the contrast of certainity (Jerry 33). The philosopher Plato argues about mathematics denoting the logic. His work considerably influenced logic, linguistics, mathematics, set theory, and philosophy, particularly philosophy of language, metaphysics and epistemology. The true belief is already mobilized to resemble a modal logic and possibility of including world’s semantics. Epistemology has received greatest attention although it still lacks formal representation (Jerry 16). The concept of scientific inventions are currently dwelling much on metaphysics which is far much beyond human perception as the concern gets deeper relying on three main factors, for instance, God mind and soul, which are unique to an extent that man kind is not able to understand. Descartes embraces the principle deployed in order to be certain (doubtless). However, the philosopher acknowledge that everything within the earth shall be over and they an existing by their nature. This affirms that Descartes fears and recognized that God is Omni present. In metaphysics, and is determined to derive the ultimate reality in the existence between man, nature, mind and all matters that ad related to ultimate reality personal view on Meta physics (Jerry 19). Despite the human perception on God’s creation, people do think that they have the ability to let God’s work change. This is totally a perception which still requires a lot of argument both physically and through the bible to determine the reasons ass to why man in working with perception instead of ajusti9ng to the requirements. The religion philosopher clearly indicates that our God is not far from Earth, his prayers for many (Jerry 23). Ethically, the slave trade that erupted in the USA, which lead to death of thousands

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