Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Case Study 3 - TechSoup Global and NetSquared Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

3 - TechSoup Global and NetSquared - Case Study Example According to Greenberg (2009) NPOs particularly benefit from social media as compared to traditional communication methods mainly because communication via social media brings prospects for the organization costs getting lowered along with the lowering of cost of delivering services. Also the idea of being a part of the emergence of new social patters is highly promising for the Non Profit Organizations as compared to association with the conventional traditional communication means. Merilainen (2011) narrates that since the main aim of NPOs and NGOs is to make their point of views prevalent into the public and to political agendas communication is extremely essential for them. The main aim is to involve public opinion into their proposed changes and thoughts and gain favor from the masses. This purpose is served without the involvement of any finances via social media. The propagation via social media is also thought to get more responses since people can affirm their opinions and s upport free of cost and they do not have to physically get involved in the scenario. This flexibility of use promotes the involvement of public. ... Social networks are forums where all kinds of individuals and organizations make the impression of their virtual entity. Entertainment personnel and politicians make use of the popularity and widespread reach of the Social Networks and social media. They are usually active on these communication mediums and can therefore be reached very easily via it. Common public is also one of the potential audiences that the NPOs would try to reach. The promoting of their causes would be done well if the support of the common masses is with them. Regarding the potential means of accessing NPO audiences via Social Networks and Social Media Lassila (2010) mentions that Social Network Services incorporate viral marketing as one of their main marketing strategies. It is via viral marketing only that Non Profit Organizations are enabled to reach massive number of audiences. The author quotes the example of American Red Cross who incorporated the SNS viral marketing strategy and spread their messages t o their audiences via their celebrity followers on twitter. Inside Facebook.com's author Smith advises the NPO's marketers that the trusted referrals within social media are the most powerful marketing message. Via viral marketing available in Social Media NGOs and NPOs can segment their target audience groups based on persons' interests. This way the audience feel the messages of the NPOs to be more personalized and get inclined towards them. Via the viral messaging to all kinds of audiences on social media the NGOs can also tell about their donation possibilities (Regan, 2011). One advantage of this strategy is that personal presentations of the NPOs get enhanced as a result of it

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