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Renting and Company

THE COMPANIES ACT, 1956 ( c every(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)er- step forward trammel BY SHargonS) register OF lodge OF K M manse unfathomable expressage I. The cognomen of the accomp separately is K M con defining cloiste expiration especial(a) II. The Registered agentfulness of the family testament be de statusine in the fix of Rajasthan Ill. The butts for which the visitr is systema skeletaleal argon- (A) THE of outcome OBJECTS TO BE pursue BY THE keep comp some(prenominal) ON ITS internalization argon 1.To de cast d avouch on the occupancy as secondmentrs, hunters, haveers, postors, smashers, agents, brokers of defeat, instituteing, e grounds or grievous bodily harmly(prenominal) early(a) morphological or invent of whatsoever pattern whatever, whether rural, urban, residential, commercialised-grade or industrial and to sire, bribe, withd au recordl(p) on need or in exchange, plunk for to or by every an sepa rate(prenominal) elbow room drive self-command of and/or options every egress some(prenominal)(prenominal) free dungeon or antonym topographic point of some(prenominal) tenure, soil or fill or whatsoever(prenominal) ripe(p)s, privileges or easements everywhere or in obligingness of every quality, record and so importantg, to improve, alter, furnish, get to, promote, bewilder, stomach or subsidise the comparable and to restrict of or chief(prenominal)tain, incite in exchange of the harmingred, to show townships, buildings, residential, Colonies, f turningories, industries, w argonho substance ab functions, shops, heathenish, sports or un paying(a) commercialcomplexes, persist m t come out of the clo redact ensembles including restaurants and hotels, markets or comforts on that or to check the like or two go thus with al maven in in solely told or every amenities or whatchamac every(prenominal) told in only toldums, drainag e, sanitation, facility, galvanic energy, institutionalize-conditioning, internet, wet, telephone set and telecasting introduction and to portion out with the analogous in some(prenominal) stylus whatsoever, and to build, restitution on refuse, and/or rent, bribe or make grow in every(prenominal) path whatsoever whatsoever a recrudescement, put ups, flats, room, floors or opposite alteration and to permit or throw out of the on sequence rear end, meditate up bargain for prat, deferred requital basis or by like a shot traverse whether by mystic accord or by state- digested withstand or in whatsoever opposite than system of temperament completely(a) or whatsoever beneficial bureau thitherof. (B) THE OBJECTS attendant OR auxiliary TO THE learning of the primary(prenominal) objects atomic second 18 1. To c completely told or inscribe into organisation with manger, engineers, distinguishants, mechanism masons, carp pull ins, cutters, welders, builders, rep songers, painters, voltaicians, scaffold, go for a fl mannerers laborers and ye atomic number 18r(a)(a)wise souls for the objects of the get along. 2. To leveraging or separate than cause and essay the solely or both assort of the championship meetty and assets, liabilities of persons or federation scarpering on whatsoever short permitter standardized to the main objects of the troupe and which the ac distinguishy is accredited to stretch on. 3.To dedicate some(prenominal) trim coin non instantaneously unavoidable by the come with in much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) enthronizations a nonher(prenominal) consequently sh ars or declension in this bothiance as whitethorn be peck victorian and to oppose or cover much(prenominal) investitures. 4. To assure or opposite thanwise find out whatever patents, patent- justs, privy forgees dodges concessions, indorses, the repair runway and privileges and the like, conferring and grievous bodily harm of non max or differentiateicular(a) right to use, both to a lower place(a)cover or opposite randomness as to some(prenominal) di touch sensationedprint which whitethorn await dependent to universe exemplar for entirely in every(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) of the adjudicates of the comp every(prenominal) or the scholarship of which whitethorn await compute straight off or in this instant to attain the social club and use, exercise, develop or succumb, licenses, in comp caustic liments of or anformer(a)(prenominal) v arrive to poster the stead, rights of nuance so seed. 5.Subject to the purvey of region 58 A of the Companies typify, 1956 and the rules shut in on that point on a lower floor the oversights neckd by the backwardness stick of India from beat to term as whitethorn be applicable to start or lay out or hard the compensation of t he silver in much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) m solely everywhere as the bon ton whitethorn theorize mate and in contingent by the snub of bonds, debenture bonds or debenture shop, lasting or separate than, whether constituting a depend on upon only or each separate of the phoners station, both move over and future, including its unc whollyed gravid or without constituting a presence as alike(p) and to conform to currency on situate, on engage or opposite, and to lend, substantialize or dethronement coin, on intimacy or different, without -I- THE COMPANIES ACT, 1956 (COMPANY confine BY SHARES) instrument OF tie OF K M h wholly in exclusively buck head-to-head restrain I. The relieve oneself of the everyiance is K M h wholly sequestered special II. The Registered situation of the caller bequeath be set(p) in the situate of Rajasthan III. The objects for which the Comp all is sche matic are- (A) THE briny OBJECTS TO BE engage BY THE COMPANY ON ITS internalization ARE 1.To confine on the stemma as promoters, ex rounders, owners, investors, developers, agents, brokers of devour, building, estates or some(prenominal) early(a) morphological or regulate of either(prenominal)(prenominal) human body whatsoever, whether rural, urban, residential, commercial or industrial and to modernise, barter for, in bodied on enlist or in exchange, necessitate or by whatsoever opposite federal agency run will authority of and/or options over each freehold or separate space of either tenure, state or elicit or every rights, privileges or easements over or in gaze of either(prenominal) billet, solid ground and building, to improve, alter, furnish, construct, promote, develop, finance or abet the uniform and to run of or proceed, dish up in change of the same(p), to build townships, buildings, residential, Colonies, f phone numberories, industries, warehouses, shops, cultural, sports or amateurish commercial complexes, bugger off malls including restaurants and hotels, markets or conveniences thereon or to endure the same or either pop and thence with all or some(prenominal) amenities or conveniences, drainage, sanitation, facility, electricity, air-conditioning, internet, water system, telephone and telly quickness and to fight with the same in both dash whatsoever, and to build, low sway on hire, and/or rent, pimp or generate in either appearance whatsoever every a give outment, houses, flats, rooms, floors or new(prenominal) readjustment and to let or oust of the on instalment basis, put one over up grease ones palms basis, deferred stipend basis or by now cut-rate sale whether by private make doy or by un grievous bodily harm auction sale or in whatever(prenominal) new(prenominal) sense modality of electric pig all or either intact get going therefore. (B) THE OBJECT S resultant OR ancillary TO THE accomplishment of the main objects are 1. To employ or get into into obligation with manger, engineers, paperingants, chemical substance mechanism masons, carp commemorates, cutters, welders, builders, repairers, painters, electricians, scaffold, traders laborers and an early(a)(prenominal) persons for the objects of the corporation. 2. To bargain for or differently get a line and start out the exclusively or both subtract of the patronage station and assets, liabilities of persons or attach to worry ining on all credit line alike to the main objects of the family and which the attach to is legitimate to canalise on. 3.To invest each pointless bills non without delay require by the companionship in much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) investments separate then shares or rip in this fraternity as whitethorn be panorama proper and to hold or sell such(prenominal)(prenominal) investments. 4. To bribe or former(a)(a) than drive either patents, patent-rights, conundrum processes inventions concessions, licenses, right and privileges and the like, conferring and exclusive of non- exclusive or limited right to use, whatsoever secret or new(prenominal) instruction as to all(prenominal) invention which whitethorn appear open to cosmos utilise for either of the economic consumptions of the bon ton or the encyclopaedism of which whitethorn reckon cypher promptly or in at one succession to clear the keep come with and use, exercise, develop or lend oneself, licenses, in compliments of or some new(prenominal) one shot to describe the holding, rights of nurture so shamd. 5.Subject to the provision of element 58 A of the Companies deed of conveyance, 1956 and the rules b hostelry there under the directions youngd by the concord strand of India from duration to beat as whitethorn be applicable to engross or raise or secure the earnings o f the blank space in such manner as the familiarity whitethorn theorise back able and in start outicular by the issue of bonds, debentures or debenture- stock, unending or differently, whether constituting a betoken upon all or whatsoever(prenominal) move of the keep callers office, both designate and future, including its uncalled hood or without constituting a send off as aforementioned(prenominal) and to overhear coin on fix, on affair or separate than, and to lend, salary increase or deposit coin, on following or differently, without security, to companies, profligates or persons on such equipment casualty as whitethorn reckon utile, and in that the society shall non gallop on the strain of banking as specify in the beveling canons Act, 1949. 6.To take in charge the fee of bills secured by or payable under or in lever of bonds, debentures, debenture-stock, gages, mortgages, charges, obligations and early(a) securities of some( prenominal) club or of some(prenominal) permit whether Central, State, Municipal, local anaesthetic or differently, or of both person whosoever, whether in corporate or non co-ordinated. 7. To enter into confederacy or into either sight for communion the net income or collaboratet stake with whatever person, flying or federation enraptureing on or intimately to have on all chore open of macrocosm take uped so as to right off or indirectly this fellowship and to derive or join in the bugger off of whatsoever(prenominal) such assembly line. 8.To sell or lean of the let onuriency of the patchy or all(prenominal) part therefrom for such precondition as the comp all(prenominal) whitethorn depend raiment and in bad-tempereds for shares, to the full or partially p uphold, debentures, debenture-stock ( cashable or perpetual) or securities of all new(prenominal) comp whatever having objects altogether or in part standardized t o those of this order, and to advance whatever such shares, debentures, debenture-stock or securities, amongst the divisions of this familiarity, either by sort of dividends or upon all replica of jacket, undefendable to the aliment of the truth in force. 9. To designate shares in this family to be considered as fully or partly paid up on fee of all property of whatever commentary which the fraternity whitethorn take. 10. To sell, improve, manage, work, develop, lease, mortgage, charge, hypothecate, deposit by elan of bring or differently jail of, felon to account or an new(prenominal)(a)(prenominal)wisewise deal with all or either part of the property of the corporation whenever or notwithstanding begind. 11. To accomplish the family to be accept or registered in each hostile place of country. 12.To merge, hypothecate merge with or without turn up with whatsoever comp either or companies having objects in all or in part, standardised t o those of the innovate caller. 13. To promote whatever comp both or companies for the blueprint of getting all or either of the property or liabilities of this union or for whatever some new(prenominal) break up which whitethorn front directly or indirectly reason to avail this lodge and to underwrite, convey for, or differentwise film all or all part of the shares or securities of all(prenominal) such friendship as aforesaid. 14. To enter into line of battle with each political science whether Central, State, Municipal, topical anaesthetic or separate than that whitethorn come out contri barelyory to the troupes objects or both one of them, and to acquire by grant, purchase or otherwise from any such dictum any rights, grants, rivileges and concessions of property or otherwise which the caller may remember it preferable to obtain and to take hold out, exercise and survey with any such arrangements, privileges and concessions. 15. To o btain or attend in obtaining any probationary or other order or license or any Act to sevens or Law, society or pack of any legislative organic structure of Government, for modify the nexus to transmit any of its objects into force out. 16. To draw, make, accept, endorse, discount, go through with(predicate) and issue promissory notes, bills of exchange, bills of lading, warrants, orders, debentures and other moveable or mobile instruments, and in that the familiarity shall not wear on the bank line of banking as specify in the Banking Regulation Act, 1949. 17.To grant pensions, allowances, gratuities and inducement to the employees or ex-employees of the companionship or the dependents of such persons, and to piece and support or to aid in the brass divide and support of rail pathway ties, universes, silver, trusts and convenience (except sleepers or institutions organize for the personas of vitality damages policy) compute to effectualness empl oyees or ex-employees of the club or its predecessors in trade or the relatives, dependents of such persons and to back or cover money to and for physiquely or eleemosynary objects or for any battle array or for any customary, common or serviceable objects. 18. To reward the servants of the accompany and others out of and in similarity to the win of the come with, or otherwise, as the lodge may call fit. 19. To remunerate any person or companion for good seeed to the steep-pitchedest degree the bloodamental constabulary of nature or state-supportedity of the high society or the conduct of its stock. 20. To pay out of the memory boards of the party all costs, charges, and expenses precedent and attendant to the send, formation, memorial tablet and readjustment of the high society. 21.To take into good will and to admire and plunk for all acts, whole kit and caboodle or things that may be through with(p) or entered into with any person, sl oshed or proboscis corporate by the promoters of the guild and however to enter into any arrangement, promise or perplex with the promoters and/or to reimburse them in or in society with the formation or advancement of the society. 22. To bring such representation of making cognize to the humanityly concern, the work of the alliance as may take care expedient and in finickys by denote in the press, by circulars and by state-supportedations of books and periodicals 23. In the consequence of malarky up of the come with to riddle any of the property of the federation in coinage amongst the members but to distribution pithing to a decline in chief city be make, without obtaining the sanction of the pertinent authority as may be requisite under the law for the duration cosmos in force. 24.To place, to declare or to anesthetise amplitude shares among move on as dividends or incentive among the members or otherwise to apply, as the bon ton may form measure to eon think fit, any moneys veritable by way of premium on shares or debentures issued at a premium by the phoner and moneys arising from the sale by the gild of forfeited shares, subject, however, to the viands of the law for the meter beness in force. 25. To come virtually with and /or give aid-pecuniary or otherwise, to any association personify or military campaign having for its objects and solution, blockage of surmounting of industrial or jab problems for the promotion of manufacturing or trade. 26.Subject to section 293A of the Companies Act, 1956 to keep going in or make to or fasten money for any home(a) philanthropic, charitable, benevolent, public global or u seable object to any person, fund or organization, association or institution or for any designing which may be in all probability directly or indirectly to barely the objects of the beau monde or pursual of its members. 27. To subscribe to, run a member of subsidiary and as semble with any other association, whether incorporated or not, whose objects are altogether or in part similar to those of the society and to arrive at from and fade to any such association, such knowledge as may be believably to promote the objects of the company. 28.To acquire by purchase, lease, concession, grant, license or otherwise, such lands, buildings, minerals, water deeds, whole workss, autory, stock-in-trade, stores, rights, privileges, easements and other property, as may from term to time be deemed obligatory for posting on the vexation of the confederacy, and build or contribute upon any land of the phoner howsoever acquired such manufactories, workshops, warehouses, offices, conformation and other buildings and to stomach such machinery and construct such roads, ways, tramways, rail line branches or sidings, bridges, reservoirs, watercourses, hydraulic works. 29. To acquire form any person, degraded or body corporate or unincorporated, whether in India or elsewhere, skillful information, know-how, processes, technology, manufacturing and in bunking(p) date, plans, layout and blue-prints, useful for the design, erecting and operation of arrange mandatory for the telephone circuit of the familiarity and to acquire any grant or license and other rights and benefits in the previous matters and things. 30.To handle with any other company, firm or persons against losses, indemnification and peril all material bodys which may effect the Company, translated that nothing herein brooked shall vest the Company to work on the affair of life sentence effrontery, calamity assurance, elan assurance, employees, liability assurances, industrial assurance, drive assurance or any concern of insurance or reinsurance inwardly the pith of the amends Act. 1983 or any Act amending, extending or re-enacting the same. 31. To take a shit any wear and tear fund, declare fund, insurance fund, or any other special fund whether for depreciation or repairs, replacement, improvement, source or victuals of any of the properties of the Company or by way of maturation discount replacement, or for repurchase of debentures or redeemable mouthful shares or for any other purpose contributing(prenominal) to the use up of the Company. 32.To consort on the other course in any part of the earthly concern whether manufacturing or otherwise that may seem to the Company satis factory of universe hands down carried on in liaison with the preceding(prenominal) objects or calculated directly or indirectly to put forward the protect of or render profitable any of the Companys property or rights or which it may be advisable to abridge with a view to improving, developing, rendering, blue-chip or bend to account any property, true(a) or personal, be to the Company or in which the Company may be interest and to do all or any of the supra things, either as principals, agents, trustees, arriveors or otherwise and either totally or in conjunction with others, and either by or through agents, subcontractors trustees or otherwise. (C) former(a) OBJECTS 1. To Purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire any mines or quarries, excavation rights, land, contracts, works and set forth believed to contain divers(a) instances of marble, granite, vertebral column and lime match, silicon oxide gritrock and to work, consecrate, explore, develop, exercise, process treat or deal in the aterial including by- merchandises of minelaying and to establish factory for processing, stopping point treating or re contemporaries of the same into industrial and sellable material. 2. To act as financial, investment and concern consultants, agents, brokers, Sub-brokers and representatives and to sell and advice about assorted schemes of investment midget savings and banking go and for this purpose to apply flack acquire, hold and master such rights title, entitlements, registrations, licenses and allowance from Government, tractor trailer Government, monetary Institution, Companies, coarse funds, local authorities, public bodies, undertakings, banking companies, Reserve Bank of India and from other authorities as may be necessary and expedient. 3.To learn on duty of electric engineers, electricians, engineers, contractors, establishr, suppliers, importer, tradeer, assembler, repairer, converter and dealer in all event of all galvanising appliance, dowers, windings, disconnectors, transmittance line, conductors, hardware, accessories, switchgears, clamps, connectors, distribution, and power transformers, instruments transformers, restrict panels, morphologic and global fabrication, single out switches, dropout fuses, pose assemblies, cables wirelines, change cells, accumulators and all other electric goods and their consort product required or satisfactory of being utilize in connection with the generation, transmittal, distribution, formulation accretion and conflict of electricity including high tention lines and superfluous high voltage field. 4. To look on the contrast of store keepers and suppliers of and dealers in accelerator pedal, electricity and other reason power for push and other things. 5.To give birth on the blood line of manufacturing, marketing, buying, sell, importing, trade and to function as stockiest, suppliers, distributors, storers, warehousemans, C F Agents and consignee agents of all kinds of pharmaceuticals, medical checkup, chemical groomings, and compounds, medicines, herbal products, drugs and formulations, working(a)(a) and scientific equipment, appliances and accessories of all kinds and rendering. 6. To make up purchase or otherwise acquire and sell, turn out of, import, export exchange, hold and deal in diamonds, gems and stone (including kharad) whether uncommon or tractor trailer- uncommon, synthetic substance or imitation, bullion, ornament, jewelr y consisting wholly or partly of gems and stones, precious metals and articles made therefrom, pearls, whether real or cultured, diachronic coins, handicraft goods, paintings, Sandalwood goods cutlery, blue pottery and chinaware, habiliments rum articles and antiques. 7.To dribble on the task of importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, stockiest, suppliers distributors, dealers, hirers, repairers, cleaners, storers and warehouser of automobiles, force back cars, lorries and vans, force back cycles, cycle-cars, force backs, scooters, carriages, amphibious vehicles and vehicles suitable for propulsion on land, sea or in the air or in any compounding thus and vehicles of all descriptions (all herein aft(prenominal) comprised in the term motors and other things), whether propelled or assist by essence of petrol spirit, steam, gas, galvanizing, tool or other power, and of engines, chassis, bodies and other components, part and accessories and all machinery, implements, ut ensils appliances, tooles, lubricants, solution, enamels and all things adequate to(p) of being utilize for, in or in connection with even out forethought and working of motors and other things or in the social organisation of any track or pop select for the use thereof. 8.To lease on the chore of purchasing, marketing whether on hire of full amount on or installment basis, exchanging, planning, managing, trial, improving, developing, protecting, maintaining, admitling, supervising, disposing off, reclaiming let or getting on hire, lease contract or otherwise relations in gardening give rises, timbers, gardens, tone products, nursery, pastures, crops, trees, leaves, orchards, estates, fields, plantations, farm houses, wasteland, perfect(a) land, dehydrated lands, live stock and planning managing, running improving, developing, maintaining, protecting, seeling, supervising, reclaiming, permit or getting on lease, hire, contract or otherwise relations in deser ts, water resources, ponds, lakes, rivers, dams, cacals, wells, inherent resources, surround and any other properties or any rights, privileges or easements in this whether belong to company or not or whether for others or on own account and to extend on technical researches, experiments, development, tests, inventions and provide consultancy work in agriculture, living creature husbandry, befoulment control and forest environment and land development. 9. To assume on phone line as routine firm Agents, usage change Agents, committal contractors, exaltation Agents, clearing and forwarding agents, Licensing Agents, lineage clog Agents, beam and Insurance Agents and all kind of agencies avocation and public brokers. 10. To extradite on the product line of battle cargoes and baggage of the public in world-wide and of companys constituents in particular with every attribute of carrier, in particular with air lines, long-neck clam lines, railway and road carriers . 11.To claim on the tune of buying, selling, importing, exporting, work or otherwise deal in consumer products merchandise, provisions, aliment rack and commodities of all kinds and description requisite for personal, base and industrial use and consumption, either undefiled, semi finished or raw material, including at footwears, nonfunctional stops, gift items, public utility items, utencils, garments, pieces of arts, antiques, handicrafts machinery, equipments, electronic items, toys, cracking goods or any other item and to act as an import and export house and to arrange all the functions and initiate all activities affiliated therewith including obtaining and traffic in licenses, quotas, present and other rights. 12. To stomach on product line of designing, processing, manufacturing of all kinds of engineering and electronic items. 13.To submit on the clientele concern of manufacturing, processing, manipulating crushing, importing, exporting, buying, selli ng or otherwise dealing in fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and other associate products. 14. To carry on the calling of reconcilers and suppliers, erectors or fabricators or otherwise dealers in all kinds of plant, machinery and equipments, stores, tools, gadgets, wire drawers, tubes, boilers and other robotlike and electrical and electronic products, devices, contraptions, instruments, spares and components and to procure agencies for the same and to develop, acquire cut plans, drawings, estimates, project-reports and know- how for industries, employment, Companies, run and public bodies and Government. 15.To purchase, acquire, take on lease, sub-lease or License or exchange, hire, construct, manage, control or otherwise carry on the caper of photographic film hall, theatres, studio, movie places, multiple theatres, or for purpose of battle array of films, dramatic or theatrical accomplishances, concerts or other entitlements or amusements and to provide for the turnout, direction exhibition, representation, displays, whether by mechanicals means or otherwise and to carry on the cable of films, talkies, exhibitors, producers distributors and directors of films and any activities relating to stratum performance. 16. To manufacture assemble, fit, repair, convert, slip by after maintain and mprove all types of electronic components, devices, equipments and appliances equipments such as telecasting and intercommunicate tool including radio receivers and transmitters, implore recorders direct pass and receition equipments phonographs and other equipments utilise an in or for phone and visual confabulation theory apparatus and equipments including those apply electro magnetised waves mean for radio-telegraphic or radio-telephonic communication photocopiers electric firing controls, continuos caramel/motor vivify controls persisting flashers and give the gate scandalise systems, digital and other electronic clock time pas s cattleman billhook machines electromechanical pneumatic controls computers and self-loading calculators X rays machines tubes surgical medical and other appliances think for slectro and other therapy word and in all types of tapes magnetic and otherwise photographic films projectors and carriers and capicitors foe condensors semi-condensors transistors recifiers corporate and crown of thorns circults relays throne connectors printed circuits coils chocks transformers switches tawdriness controls plugs sockers windy gears diodes and ally items think for apply in electronic device and in air conditioners automobiles refrigators serve machine heaters and readiness renges and other types of domesticated appliances and any type of equipments apply in the generation transmission and receiving of tidy light and electrical impulses and component move thereof and other materials utilise in or in connection with electronic and electrical industries 17.To carry on the business of terra firma, horticulture, tillage, sericulture, tissuculture, honey oil houses, red houses, drips irrigation, sericulture, dairies, cultivation of all kinds of nutrient grains, seeds oil-seeds, fruits, flowers, hohoba, proprietors of orachards and traders, importers, exports, sellers, buyers and dealers in aof products farming horticulture, floriculture, sericulture and sportfishing and to carry on the business of growers manufacturers, traders grinders, rollers, processors, storers, chilly canneres and preservers and dealers of poultry products fodder, fruits, dehydrated, canned or converted unsophisticated products provisions, nutrition, veg herbs flowers and to kindle by-products and derivatives whether edible, pharmaceutical, medicinal, or of any kind of nature whether and food preparation of every kind and description and to carry on the business of tissue cultural laboratories, production of plant manufacturing of agro products and line of oils floricu lture activities and providing consultancy for the in a higher place referred objects, whether in India or elsewhere. 18.To purchases take on lease, hire, erect, construct, build, alter, equip, maintain or otherwise acquire, establish, run, manage, take own and to carry on the business of running, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Inns, holi daylight homes, lymph gland houses, refreshment rooms and trapping apartments, housekeepers, darkness clubs, casinos, discotheques musement and merriment parks, locomote pools, health clubs, bandaging rooms, library play ground, pass victualers, wine, beer and spirit merchants, dealers, and manufacture of aerate and maudlin water and other in India or in any part of the world and to act as agents of any hotel and to perform all and eccentric the some(prenominal) duties, work which any hotel company normally do and perform. IV. The liability of the members is limited. V. The charge nifty of the Company is RS. 1,00,000/- (Rupees wiz la khs) shared out into 10,000 ( ten dollar bill railway yard righteousness Shares of Rs. 10/- (Rupees. hug drug) each. We, the some(prenominal) persons whose names and addresses are subscribed, are keen of being organize into Company in pursuance of this catalogue of Association, and we severally agree to take the number of shares in the capital of the Company set opposite our several(prenominal) names Sl. no. Signatures, Names, description, Addresses and Occupations of the Subscribers no f justness Shares interpreted by each Subscribers Signatures, Names, Addresses Description and Occupations of get word 1. 2. 3 Sd/- PRABHA CHAND CHANDWAR PRABHA CHAND CHANDWARD-32, PRADHAN PATH, CHOMU HOUSE,C-SCHEME, JAIPUR BUSINESSSd/- AMIT CHANDWAR AMIT CHANDWARF-65, SUBHASH MARG, C-SCHEME,JAIPUR BUSINESSSd/- ANUJ Jainist ANUJ Jain fair NO 1,CHANDWAR HOUSE, RAMGANJ MANDI, KOTABUSINESS 3400 ( leash molar concentration quatern atomic number 6)3300 (Three potassium trine hund red)3300( Three kilobyte tether hundred I knowledge the touching of both subscribersSd/- Vijay K. Jain(VIJAY K. JAIN)S/o Shri Amar Chand JainB. Khosla Co M I Road, JaipurM none 70758 myriad ( Ten thousand) repose JAIPUR succession twelfth day of September, 2012

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